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Top 10 Best Baby Activity Table for Toddlers to buy in 2020

A Baby Activity Table is comprised of a number of toys which are helpful in improving the thinking, creativity, and remote skills of a baby. So the best activity table is brought home by parents for their baby so that he can understand the world around him better. If you are looking forward to buying the best activity for toddlers OR best baby activity table of 2020 you at the right place.

In this article, we are counting down our Top picks for Top 10 Best Baby Activity Tables in 2020. The products are ranked from top to bottom based on their

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Price

We have TESTED the features of each and every product to make it easier for you guys so that you can choose the best product for your kiddo.

To choose the right product, you should look for the number of activities available on a certain table, features which will help your child better in his growth, the durability of the table, and whether or not the height and design of an activity table is suitable for your kid.

In an upcoming buyer’s guide ahead for the best wooden activity table, we are going to discuss these factors in detail. So before we cover our 10 best activity tables for babies in 2020, we shall discuss some factors in the upcoming buyer’s guide.


1. VTECH Magic Star Learning Tablebaby activity table

  • A6 fun activities

  • e-learning book pages

  • Light up Music Buttons

2. Leap Frog Little Office Learning Centerbaby activity table

  • Features a laptop, phone, Globe

  • Laptop Learning, Lights, English & Spanish

  • 180 Songs, Melodies, Sounds & Phrases

3. VTECH Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxebaby activity table

  • 5 Activity Pages, LED, Letters & Numbers

  • Strong Space for Supplies

  • 100+vocabulary words

  • 20+ activities, 20+ songs

4. Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Tablebaby activity table

  • Colorful Instruments

  • 70+ Songs, tunes

  • Piano and Drum

5. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Tablebaby activity table

  • Custom Music, teach number & Colors

  • Piano, Drum, Guitar and French horn

6. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Centerbaby activity table

  • Attractive Nature Design

  • Colorful Tree Theme

7. HANMUN Musical Learning Table Baby Toybaby learning center for baby

  • Sitting, Standing, Cruising

  • Lights, Melodies and Music

  • Safe – Made Up of ABS non Toxic Plastic

8. Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Setbaby activity table

  • 3-in-1 table, includes 2 chairs

  • Best for Drawing and crafts

  • Inspires Imagination – Available with blocks set

9. Kid Kraft Waterfall

  • 3 Durable Red Plastic Bins

  • Special 3 mooded edges

  • Silk Screened Landscape board

10. ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cubeactivity center for toddler

  • Bright & Cheerful

  • Wooden Activity Cube

  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award winner

Table of Contents

Best Activity Table Buyer’s Guide

Here are some important factors you must look before buying the best activity table for your kid:


The point of buying an activity table is all about developing the cognitive, motor, and thinking skills of the baby. For that, there must be many activities on a table you are buying. These activities should be based upon the toys which are there on the table making things full of fun for the baby and make him learn.


When your baby will get used to his activity table, he/she is going to want it everywhere around the house and during travel as well. For this reason, the activity table for the baby you are buying should have a lightweight and compact design so you can move it around with ease anywhere with you.


Always make sure that the price you are paying for an activity table brings you the features you paid for. Also, there are many great brands providing tons of features in a low price as compared to the expensive ones who are bringing less of them comparatively.


While buying an activity table, make sure that it has an attractive and great design that your baby must find appealing. Also, the interface of the table must be easy to access for the baby. As long as the interface of an activity table is easy to use, you should be convinced to buy it.


We recommend buying an activity table which has a seat as well. An on-floor activity is good as well but that makes a baby runaway at times. However, when he is enjoying himself around the table while sitting on a comfortable seat, he would interact better.

Being done with the buyer’s guide, let us begin our 10 Best Activity Table Reviews in 2020.


10 Best Activity Tables Reviews 2020


1st. VTECH Magic Star Learning Table – Best Activity Table for Babies.


baby activity table



VTECH Magic Star

VTECH Magic Star Learning Table has all the features which make it the number 1 product for this list. There are 6 activities your children can enjoy and these things are provided in both Spanish and English languages. When you have a look at the interface, you would find it to be very interesting and simple at the same time. All functions of the activity table are at the distance of pressing at a button.

The activities of the table are available in two languages including English and Spanish. There are a total of six activities which are designed bearing in mind the aims of learning and development of the kids. The table has 4 legs for kids to play while standing and these legs can be removed to put it on-floor for your baby and let him play more.


  • This best activity table for babies is good for kids from 6 months to 3 years.
  • The onboard activities are to be enjoyed in Spanish and English.
  • It comes with detachable legs for standing and on-floor playing experience.
  • The controls on the interface are pretty easy to interact with.


VTECH Magic Star Learning Table Review

This VTECH Activity Table has every feature we talked about while discussing the buyer’s guide for this article. It has plenty of activities which your baby can enjoy. The activity table comes with a nice audio setup which plays nursery rhymes providing an interactive learning environment for the baby. It is a product that aims towards both the learning and exploration activities developing the cognitive and interactive skills of your child.

All parents want their kids to be good at readings and thus there are different activities on its interface which makes reading easier for your babies. Also, with its stand and play feature, this is one of the perfect activity tables for toddlers. The sound system installed on this best learning table has nursery rhymes which your baby will be enjoying and learning at the same time. The buttons on the interface are easy to use for kids.

To familiarize your baby with the concept of the phone, there is a beautiful toy phone installed which your baby is going to love while using. The learning and entertaining opportunities onboard are pretty great providing exactly what you are paying for. Also, as per your demands, this is a lightweight and compact thing which is very easy to move.

To power up the features, you will be using 2 inexpensive AA batteries. Also, to transform the stand and play activity table into an on-floor thing, you will need to remove its legs which is a very easy thing to do.


  • The dual-language mode
  • The easy to use music buttons
  • Good for 6 months to 3 years
  • A wheel steering for easy movements
  • A great stand and play design
  • The product is a bit flimsy
  • Not a very durable product





2nd. LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center – The Best Baby Activity Table


baby activity table



Leap Frog Little Office Learning Center

Our 2nd pick for the list is Leap Frog Little Office Learning Center which might seem a bit expensive as compared to the 1st pick. However, when you have a look at its premium features, the product deserves every bit of that extra amount. This learning and activity table for babies is based on the modern design where your kid gets to know about the globe, internet, and phone and also interacts with these things.

To play with these toys, there are simple controls on the interface of the activity table with 27 electronic touchpoints. There are both learning and enjoyment modes in the form of nursery rhymes and music bringing an amusing experience. For instance, opening the laptop toy introduces the baby to shapes such as triangle, square, and circle.


  • There are about 10 songs for your baby to enjoy on this activity table
  • A bilingual product which provides content in English and Spanish
  • Introduces your baby to modern devices like laptops and phones
  • A great learning and enjoyment opportunity for babies

Leap Frog Little Office Learning Center Review

There are a lot of features that make this product the best baby activity center on the planet. As far as the entertainment side is concerned, there are more than 180 songs and melodies that your baby will be enjoying with its smart sound system. Also, this is the first design of any baby activity table which introduces your child to modern devices like laptops and phones.

There is a globe on the interface which looks quite attractive and introduces the baby to the shape of the world we are living in. Plus, the globe rotates serving as an interesting toy from a baby’s perspective. For a better learning experience, there are shapes provides on the keyboard of the laptop toy and when the baby presses the buttons, the shapes of animals appear on the screen.

The learning and exploration modes are great. In the music department, this activity center also plays songs and greetings opening another learning window for the baby. When he’ll hear these nice things, you should just wait when your baby will be speaking his first beautiful words. Also, since he will keep listening, there is a good chance that the baby will start speaking soon.

This is the best modern baby activity table which plenty of toys including

  • laptop
  • phone
  • globe
  • piano key
  • desk lamp
  • clock

Just like the previous product, this one also has both English and Spanish languages and the removable legs to stop using the stand and play feature whenever your baby wants.



  • A bilingual baby activity center
  • 180 songs, rhymes, and melodies
  • This table also has removable legs
  • Both learning and enjoyment modes
  • Learn about shapes and animals
  • The electronic errors occur at times
  • The stickers dissolve very soon
  • The design is too much light





3rd. VTECH Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe Best Activity Table for 1 Year Old.


baby activity table



VTECH Touch and Learn Activity Desk

A lot of VTECH fans don’t want to try other brands and they want to get the premium products from their favorite brand regardless of the price increment. An example of that is this VTECH Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe which is our 3rd pick for the list. Unlike the previous VTECH product with 6 simple activities, this one has 5 pages of them which are very interactive for learning and enjoyment.

To enhance the activity-based learning experience, this one comes with an LED on which the shapes, English alphabets, and other learning content is displayed. So before your kid starts going to school, he will have a pretty great idea of what English alphabets and how different shapes look like. Also, the product comes with a small desk making it better and more comfortable for your kid.


  • For learning, there are 100 or more vocabulary words for a kid to learn
  • Besides the enjoyment, this will help your kid to start speaking soon
  • The enjoyment stuff like a toy telephone and musical system are present
  • A great activity table for kids from 1 to 2 years old

VTECH Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe Review

This VTECH Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe learning center is designed for kids who are at least 1 year old. However, it is specially designed for kids who are 2 years old with all the vocabulary words and music provided. Again, this is a frustrationfree package which means that it is very easy to unbox so that your kid might start using it right away.

As far as the learning features of VTECH Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe are concerned, it has 100 or more vocabulary words programmed. This feature is going to help kids who are going to start learning to speak. The experience will get even better when you will play the melodious songs programmed inside the learning center.

The power requirement of this activity center is high with all the features installed. Now, you will need to insert 4 AA batteries and since this raises the cost, make sure that your kid gains maximum benefit from the product. The nursery rhymes, English alphabets, and shapes displayed on the LED contribute significantly to the learning experience.

The LED installed in this activity desk is a much bigger one which displays everything with clarity and smoothness. You can also get the product in the standard packaging if you want to reduce the costs but a few bucks for the frustration-free package are just prime. Never forget that it comes with a desk for your kid to sit and play comfortably.



  • The large and wide LED
  • Vocabulary and English alphabets
  • Melodious songs and rhymes installed
  • A small desk to sit on for comfort
  • The best educational activity tray
  • Of course, an expensive activity center
  • There are no safety features provided





4th. Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table – Best Activity Table for Kids.


baby activity table




Leap Frog Learn & Groove Activity Table

Just like VTECH, the Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table took a huge leap to bring a premium variant of their previous activity center. This is our 4th pick for the list and is known for its engaging content to keep the baby busy while you will be working. A lot of learning and entertainment stuff is present including songs, learning responses, and tunes which keeps the party scene on for a kid.

Also, the design and interface of Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table is meant to be used by kids who are above the age of 1. The recommended age for which this product should be bought is about 1.5 years or more. This is also a bilingual product where languages like English and Spanish are used to teach kids a lot of interesting stuff that is useful for the future.


  • Both stand & play and on-floor activity table features for kids
  • A great learning and playing opportunity in Spanish & English
  • There are more than 70 tunes, songs, and melodies
  • It uses 3 AA batteries which are recommended by the brand

Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table Review

Since both learning and entertainment modes are present in this Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table there is an easy provided for kids to use it and do whatever they want. The learning opportunities are many with the programmed vocabulary, songs, and melodies teaching your kid in the most interesting way possible. If you want to make him a musician, this activity center will introduce him to the guitar, drum, and piano.

Though the bilingual feature is quite common in these products, it deserves a mention due to the way it is enhancing the learning experience. Just like switching between the leaning and entertainment modes is easy, the same is true for the dual-language mode as well. There are many toys of various colors introducing your kid to many colors he needs to know about.

When your baby is tired of stand and play mode, the legs of the Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table can be removed at that instant. Your kid will now be able to continue playing while sitting. This provides a perfect learning opportunity for smaller babies who cannot stand on their feet yet. So this is a product which grows with your baby.

Besides the newer nursery rhymes and song, this section is loaded with classical music as well. This will help the child becoming an integral part of the culture when he will keep learning more about it. The colors can be changed and pulled with easy controls on the interface.



  • Improves vocabulary and motor skills
  • More than 70 songs and tunes present
  • The interface is easier to understand
  • It is easy to flip between learning and music
  • Introduces the kid to many musical instruments
  • Surely an expensive activity center
  • The Spanish option isn’t that great
  • The design integrity is poor as well





5th. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table – Best Activity Table for 18 months old.



baby activity table



Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Want Albert Einstein to be the inspiration of your kid when he grows old? Well, it is time that you bring this Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table which has magical features and will soon be in-stock in September. The best thing about the product is its music and the third language option of the French language making this a universal product. Also, if your kid likes playing music, there are toy instruments including drum, guitar, and piano.

Besides the French language, the French horn is also a part of the musical combo. Besides the entertainment stuff comprising of toy musical instruments and tunes, this comes with colors and numbers for learning purposes. Also, the product is recommended for children between 6 and 36 months. This is a pretty great age-range as compared to the other products.


  • Now learn and play in three different languages i.e. English, Spanish, and French
  • The learning activities like colors and numbers are programmed in this one
  • It provides a great opportunity for learning music with toy instruments
  • A special music mode using which a kid can create his own music as well

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table Review

There are parents who spend a lot of money just so that their kid can learn different languages other than English. If you are one of those parent then buy this product which comes with a trilingual feature incorporating languages like French, English, and Spanish. When the numbers and songs are repeated in these languages, this would provide a good opportunity for learning basics.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is rich in musical features. The toy instruments including the guitar, piano, and drum are provided using a kid who can create his own music which might be a great thing to teach him the basics. Also, the musical interface introduces the kid to the French horn and he is going to love that experience for sure.

Besides the platform of creating music, there are already programmed sounds and tunes which the baby can play simply by tapping the buttons on the interface. In the same way, he can play numbers and run color combinations providing a great learning environment. However, we think that learning features like the English alphabet should have been there as well.

When you compare the price of this Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table with other products on the list, it is very cheap and costs you only $30. This is one of the reasons why the demand for the product is this high and it runs out of stock very soon. However, it will soon be in-stock in September so make sure that you buy it.



  • A trilingual activity center for babies
  • The musical playing and creation options
  • Play numbers and colors for easy learning
  • The babies can now create their own music
  • Instruments like piano and guitar present
  • Not one of the durable deals
  • A lighter product so injuries are possible
  • Not a sturdy product either





6th. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center – Best Wooden Activity Table.


baby activity table




Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Some parents would want the upbringing of their kids by introducing them to nature instead of the music and digital world. For that, the best product that we recommend as the best activity table wooden is Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center. It is one of our personal favorites due to the captivating design and inexpensive price range. Our experts have highly rated the woodwork of this product which makes for a solid wood activity.

The woody design of this Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center with beads provides an environment where curiosity and exploration reaches a whole new level. The product is perfect to be kept in homes and schools for kids where they can enhance their motor skills and creativity.


  • This is a great combination of shapes and attractive colors
  • It is an animal park and tree-themed beautiful activity center
  • The wire full of beads runs through the glorious wooden pieces
  • This wooden activity center is great for babies and toddlers

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center Review

Not all kids have that nature of enjoying sounds and music. Some, due to their genes, might like something creative and nature-like when it comes to their activity center. This thing is even more relevant when teachers are keeping different activity centers in the nursery classes. When the kids get around a tree-themed activity center with such an attractive wooden design, this will bring them an experience of a lifetime.

The ease of use of this Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center is pretty great. All children will be doing is spin the design and they will have different shapes in front of them. There are small houses design for the animals of the jungle such as the bear, dog, and even a frog jumps in at times. Also, there are fun activities like spinning the dial to help a snail in reaching home.

According to our experts, the activity centers like these are much better for enhancing the creativity of a kid as compared to the ones with music and digital controls. However, it also depends on the goals of parents who want their kids to have a better digital sense. Since it is not an expensive product, we recommend that you keep both of these activity centers.

This Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center is also a need of modern-era at homes and in nursery classes where everything is becoming digitized. However, do use the recommendation of using both activity centers so that your kid can enjoy more and enhances baby skills better.



  • A durable wooden activity table
  • An inexpensive product to buy
  • An adventure-based activity table
  • The excellent woody design
  • An innovative design to have
  • Still expensive for a wooden table
  • A bit heavier design





7th. HANMUN Musical Learning Table Baby Toy – Bes Activity Table for 8 months old.


baby learning center for baby



Hunmun Musical Learning Table Baby
If you want to keep a combination of musical and wooden activity tables and have budget issues, you can get this HANMUN Musical Learning Table Baby Toy alongside the previous wooden activity table. This is our 7th pick for the list which is known for its inexpensive price and various musical features on which your kid can dance and do learning at the same time with vocabulary and counting exercises. If you have got an infant, there is plenty of stuff for him to do.

So this musical activity table has plenty of sounds and lights which will help him in the enhancement of motor skills and strength. Also, the activity can be used in all positions such as standing, cruising, and sitting. When you need to put it on the floor, you can remove the legs which is an easier thing to do due to the quality construction and sturdy design.


  • The baby toys installed on the interface are quite interesting and attractive.
  • There are classic melodies and music which really lighten up the mood
  • This is one of the safest activity tables made of nontoxic materials
  • One of the most portable activity tables for the money

HANMUN Musical Learning Table Baby Toy Review

The focus of HANMUN Musical Learning Table Baby Toy to improve the strength and motor skills of the baby has impressed us a lot. There are some additional functions added to help an infant improve these skills even better. For instance, the product can be tied to the bed and the baby will try to move it while playing resulting in enhanced motor skills. Also, the product is inexpensive and can be bought for a perfect combination with a wooden activity table.

HANMUN Musical Learning Table Baby Toy is also a great stand and play product due to the solid construction and sturdy design. When you need your kid to stand and play, let it in its original position. To put it on the floor for playing while sitting, you can easily remove the legs. Even when your kids want to play with it while cruising, the product would suffice.

There are various musical functions that are going to make your kid dance resulting in enhanced motor skills at the end. You can also play the lights alongside music which is much more attractive than a simple musical experience. Also, there is a set of learning activities such as counting, vocabulary, and letterbased exercises.

This is a complete package which not only entertains the child but also works on the physical and mental development of the progeny. This 2-in-1 sit and stand baby activity table is an excellent product to buy in 2020.



  • About 6 fun activities on the table
  • Good music and lighting features
  • Easy sit and stand working experience
  • ABS plastic nontoxic used in the making
  • A beautiful and durable activity table
  • Not bilingual option available
  • We didn’t find any other con





8th. Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set – Best Activity for 2 Years Old.


baby activity table



Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set
Our 8th pick for the list Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set is the best activity table for 9 months old and also for children who are 2 years old. This is a 3-in-1 table which comes with two chairs and different activities which your kids can do. You buy this as a nice water table for your children and then it becomes the most important part of their life later on. The product is known for its durability and sturdy construction which makes it last longer.

As far as the complete set is concerned, this Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set comes with a couple of chairs and a pack of bricks which can be used to enhance the fun and learning process. So the activity table serves various purposes as the water table and bricks building platform.


  • We rate this product highly due to the durability and sturdy construction
  • This product is compact enough to be stored in a small space
  • Switching between the smooth side, bricks building, & water table is smooth
  • A great activity table for toddlers which can be used to play with Lego toys as well

Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set Review

With this table, we get back to the beautiful era of 90s where kids used to enjoy their Lego toys on an activity table, write, draw, and built bricks. With all the digital products out there, people are kind of forgetting about products like these and thus we have made an effort to revive that classic era of creativity and fun. This 3-in-1 Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set comes with the water table feature, bricks building platform, and also works as a water table.

With all the activities which can be performed on this activity table by your 2-year old baby, it is evident there will be a definite increase in the creative skills of your kid. Since he is going to interact with these tables in school as well, this activity would provide a good head start. This product might feel like a big thing while performing different activities. However, when it comes to storing it, it is a compact activity which can be stored with ease.

Also, the surface of the activity table is designed to be compatible with most bricks you are going to buy for your children. Even if you buy a Lego toy set, this table would suffice just well. As your kid starts growing, this table does too in a sense that you can increase the length of it. There is no doubt already about the durability of this product which makes it a long-lasting product.



  • An amazing 3-in-1 activity table
  • The sturdy design and construction
  • A kid can perform about 25 tricks
  • A good platform for drawing and crafts
  • This product is suitable for years of use
  • It should have a globe at least
  • The Duplo bricks aren’t compatible





9th. Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table.




Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set

When your kid starts growing and reaches the age of 3 to 4, he starts demanding something more than an average activity table. To serve him with that, we have brought forward this Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table for our 9th pick. This product, just like the previous one, is known for its sturdy construction and an interactive interface which can be deemed as full of fun. This is more of a beautiful theme park with trains and mountains.

As per our experience, our kids love this Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Activity Table which is designed like a complete society that has a home, hills, trees, train, and cars going under the bridge. To store all of this stuff, there are a couple of bins provided for storage which are large enough to contain all of these toys at once.


  • The chipping is not possible due to the T-molded edges of the table
  • There are large storage bins provided to contains the materials
  • Based on a complete part with trains, trees, and mountains
  • The landscape is silk-screened with a large play board area for kids

Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table Review

Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table is a true definition of learning with fun. The activity is designed in a way that it allows children to be creative about developing different scenarios. Your kid is going to run this place like a metropolitan, however, the place also has hills and trains. This is a complete 120-piece set with plenty of options to work with. The base of the table is wide enough making it easier for kids to interact properly with it.

As far as the making of this Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table, it is known for its durable and sturdy construction ensuring a safe and sound environment. For instance, to avoid the chipping of different toys on the board, it has T-molded edges which work just fine for the security purposes. Also, since this is a huge set, there are 3 storage bins provided in which you can keep some extra stuff. The design also looks quite attractive and wide.

On the other hand, this Kid Kraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table really tests the aesthetic sense of the kid. This would be developing this sense, in fact, due to the beautiful sceneries of a waterfall from the mountain and a road going under this hill for cars to pass through. A flyover like New York Bridge over the water is also a part of this project where the train passing under this area gives a mesmerizing look.



  • A beautiful design for an activity table
  • The sturdy and durable construction
  • 3 storage bins provided to put stuff in
  • A platform for enhancing the creative skills
  • Enough room for kids try different things
  • A heavier price range
  • A heavier product overall
  • Not quite portable
  • Not for kids under 3 years





10th. ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube – Best Activity Table for Toddlers.


activity center for toddler


ALEX Discover Activity Cube

Things that cannot be covered on an activity table can certainly be accommodated in a cube. Well, our final pick for the list ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube is an example of that. This has 5 sides full of fun activities on all sides and the creators have received an award for this creative design. With this aesthetic design of an activity table, this is a great learning and playing opportunity.

There are different activities on this activity cube for learning and fun including the peek a boo door, match animal activity, ABC exercises, curvy wire rides, and racing rollers. With so many fun activities on the interface of this wooden activity table, it is a great product to have for your toddler in 2020.


  • ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube has a smart design
  • One of the best activity tables for kids of a year and older
  • The product has also won an award for this creative and intuitive design
  • Different fun and learning activities including an ABC exercise is present

ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube Review

Some parents might argue that there are much better products in this price range with much more activities on the board.

Well, what they don’t understand that those activity tables with so many activities are not that interactive as ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube is.

For example, to do different activities on other activity tables, your kid will need to switch between them. For a toddler, this is quite impossible things to do.

When a baby cannot do that on those activity tables, he cries until the parent do that for him. Well, in that scenario, this activity cube by Alex Discover is much better which doesn’t ask a kid to switch between the different activities.

All the activities are right in front of him and depending on what his mood is, he can play with them. The onboard activities are ABC learning, curve wide rides, word tiles, match animals, and a peek a boo door for the kids.

The sellers have run a huge discount on the product currently on Amazon so this is definitely the best opportunity for you to get the product. However, make sure that you buy this as soon as possible otherwise the offer might run it out of stock soon.

We also love the design of this ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube which seems fun and interactive. It is time that your toddles enjoy a lot while learning a handful of things.



  • An interactive interface for toddlers
  • 5 different and interesting activities
  • A very durable and long-lasting activity cube
  • The base is also durable and sturdy
  • 5 sides of fun with a great learning environment
  • Pretty expensive without a discount
  • Difficult for a toddler to comprehend at first




So these were our Top 10 Best Baby Activity Tables which you can buy in 2020. In this article, we covered everything in detail about these products in the reviews. You also got a proper introduction and buyer’s guide explaining different factors about choosing these products. If you have some queries left in your mind after reading the article, you should leave that in the comments section.


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Best Activity Table FAQs

It doesn’t matter how detailed the reviews are, there are always unexplained things which are left behind. To answer those confusions, we are now going to cover the frequently asked questions about the best activity tables on the internet.


  • What is the best activity table for a baby?

As it is quite clear from the review, the VTECH Magic Star Learning Table is the best activity table which you can buy for your kid in 2020. It has all the great fun and learning activities which you would want for your baby to enhance his strength, creative, and motor skills.

  • Are activity tables good for babies?

Our mind only grows better when we do different activities. This is why when you have a baby, it is important for you to provide him with a full of fun learning environment. Of all the things you do, the activity tables are a part of it which are really helpful in the proper mental and physical growth of a baby.

  • What age is activity table for?

The activity tables are available for kids of all ages between 6 and 36 months. You will be buying one of these depending on the age of your kid and not the difficulty level of the table itself. The recommendations are written in our best activity table review as well.

  • What age are activity cubes for?

It is difficult for toddlers between 6 to 12 months to switch between different activities on an activity table. So an activity cube is designed for babies of this age. The babies above 12 months can also use an activity cube.

  • Do infants need toys and activity tables?

Yes, as explained before, it is a great thing to provide you baby with an activity table with toys which will help in the mental growth of your baby.

  • What is the best wooden activity table?

According to our experience, the activity table by Manhattan is the best wooden activity table on the planet. This product is cheaper as compared to the others and there are tons of useful fun and learning activities for your kid.

  • Is VTECH a reliable brand?

Yes, VTECH Activity Tables are definitely reliable and, in fact, provide the best activity tables on the planet for your kids to play with.

  • What is the best activity table for 8 months old?

We have covered a lot of activity tables for kids of ages between 6 and 12 months so do check out the detailed reviews.

  • What is the best activity table for kids?

The brands like VTECH and Leap Frog brings the best activity tables for kids. To check which of these brands is better, read the detailed reviews of their products.

  • What toys should infants play with?

If your infant is above the age of 6 months, it is time that you bring him a baby activity table to play with.

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