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Best Camera for YouTube – How to Select The Best YouTube Camera of 2020

In earlier times, video making was only necessary when one had to make memories with his or her loved ones. As time passed by, it became a norm and nowadays people make videos to earn money via vlogging. That’s why the need for the best camera for YouTube arises as YouTube is the number 1 platform these days for popular vloggers.

Well, first things first, I am here to review some of the best YouTube cameras that you can get to make full HD video footage for your vlogs. All cameras have been properly tested and researched by a bunch of professional vloggers (including me) on the basis of their

  • Video Quality,
  • Size,
  • Image Sensor,
  • Durable Construction.

So, let’s have a look at the list of top 7 best YouTube cameras in 2020:

Camera NameImage SensorVideo Quality
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1. Canon EOS Rebel T618 MPFHD 1080p
2. Canon EOS 80D24.2 MPFHD 1080p
4. Sony a7 III24.2 MPUHD 2160p (4K)
6. Canon PowerShot SX62020.2 MPFHD 1080p
7. Nikon D350015 MPFHD 1080p

Best Camera For YouTube and Vlogging – Top 7 Updated Picks 2020

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6 – Best Camera for YouTube Under 400




Canon EOS Rebel T6 is the first best camera for YouTube on our list. The camera indeed is an ideal choice for most of the YouTubers as they enjoy making videos and photos with a wide range of features and technical specifications.

By the look of it, the camera has got a DSLR like the design but it is less bulky when it comes to holding the vlogging camera. The sturdier and rugged construction of Canon vlogging camera makes it a suitable choice for any person to use it for a long period of time.

All things aside, the best camera for YouTube has got an affordable price range so that it is in the range of every person.

Let’s talk about some of the features that you need to know about this camera:

Features That You Need to Know:

This best camera for Youtubing by Cannon comes with the full HD video quality. With the help of the latest technologies, you will be able to capture life in its perfect sense with a steady 60 fps rate at the same time.

In addition, there is an 18 MP CMOS sensor available which combined with the DIGIC 4+ image sensor produced beautiful photos and videos in low-light conditions easily.

The EOS Rebel T6 vlogging camera has got a large 3-inch screen though it’s not tiltable. You can use it to manage different options or to play different video clips easily.

Well, the Canon Rebel T6 vlogging camera also comes with an ISO range of 100-6400 which makes it easier for a Youtuber to capture beautiful scenes in bight as well as low light.

Last but not least, the camera does have built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity which initiates easy file transferring or sharing on social media sites or other portable devices. Along with that, the 9 point AF system is also included to increase the focusing time of the camera.

Reasons For Liking It:

I personally like Canon EOS Rebel T6 very much because it provides the best deal of features in a very affordable price range. Indeed, the camera has got FHD 1080p video mode, retractable viewfinder and fast AF system in only under 400 bucks which is a deal any person won’t ignore.

Some of the PROS and CONS of Canon EOS Rebel T6 are as follows;

  • 18 MP CMOS sensor.
  • FHD videos at 60 fps rate.
  • Less bulky than other DSLRs.
  • Affordable price range.
  • A retractable viewfinder is available.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Battery drainage is fast.
  • No 4K video mode.

Final Views:

Canon EOS Rebel T6 is indeed the best camera for YouTube and has proved itself so far. Many pro vloggers are using it and are satisfied with its performance so far. So, better check it out if you have got a budget of around 400 dollars.

Check Price of Canon EOS Rebel T6:



2. Canon EOS 80D – Best Video Camera Used By Casey Neistat




Canon EOS 80D is another DLSR on our list used for making full HD videos. EOS 80D is considered the best camera for YouTube because it has got many features that will facilitate you to make beautiful and brilliant images as well as videos for your vlogs.

The perk of using this camera is, it allows you almost all features in a single camera. Be its wireless connection, fast autofocus or remarkable shuttering speed, the camera is a jack of all trades in almost every sense.

In fact, it is in the use of a famous Youtuber and filmmaker, Casey Neistat as well who is using it from quite a long period of time. That being said, it actually is the perfect deal for you if you are planning on long-term investment.

Let’s talk about the features that you need to know about this vlogging camera:

Features That You Need to Know:

The best vlogging camera with Flip Screen has got Intelligent built-in viewfinder which allows you to capture full details of the scenery that you are about to capture. The viewfinder is also ideal for better focus on minor details.

One of the best features in Canon camera for YouTube is, it has got an AF display grid which let you focus on small objects easily. The grid has got many points which show that either the specific subject is in the sight of a camera or not.

On the other hand, this best vlogging camera by Canon also comes with FHD video resolution as it comes with the 1080p mode at 60 fps. That’s why it is the topmost priority of many professional vloggers.

Also, the 24.2 MP CMOS sensor with an APS-C quality let you capture high-quality photos even in low light conditions. In addition, the high ISO range also helps the camera to take photos and videos in full HD mode even when there is low light.

Last but not least, the Canon vlogging camera comes with a fast shutter speed at 7 fps rate. The high shutter speed is indeed perfect for people who are always on the move and they don’t want to miss anything just because of low shutter speed.

Reasons for Liking It:

Canon EOS 80D is in my opinion, the best camera for YouTube you can get in under 1000$ budget. The availability of features like high shutter speed, FHD video resolution and up to date CMOS sensor let you capture the beauty of life without any worries.

Some of the notable PROS and CONS of Canon EOS 80D are as follows:

  • FHD videos at 60fps rate.
  • Up to date CMOS sensor.
  • Large Flip screen is available.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor vlogging.
  • High shutter speed.
  • Perfect AF displays great.
  • No 4K video mode.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Canon EOS 80D is indeed the best camera for YouTube if you have got a budget of around $1000. Better buy it before it runs out of stock.

Check Price Canon EOS 80D:


3. PANASONIC LUMIX G85 – Best 4K Camera For YouTube Vlogging




The next video camera as introduced by Panasonic is a special one as it has been made according to the expectations of modern vloggers. The brand new Lumix G85 is basically a compact mirrorless camera that is less bulky than DSLR but is able to perform better or near to perfect.

It has got 4K video mode so that you can capture life in ultra HD resolution easily. The shape is sleek and unique. Mirrorless cameras are usually less bulky than DLSRs and they perform much better as well.

That’s why Panasonic Lumix G85 is now making its mark on the pro vloggers who are in dire need of 4K resolution to make their vlogs more unique.

Let’s talk about some of the features that you need to know about Lumix G85:

Features That You Need to Know:

Panasonic Lumix vlogging camera has got a compact shape. It indeed beats bulky DSLRs when it comes to comparing the size of both camera types. This is the main reason why I recommend this video camera to travel vloggers.

First things first, the best mirrorless camera for YouTube has got 4K video quality. You can now capture video footages in 2160p resolution and that too at a steady 30 fps rate.

The best feature that I have noticed so far in Lumix G85 is the availability of 5-axis stabilization. In fact, this feature just works like a gimbal and removes blurriness and shakiness from the videos effectively.

There is an external 3.5mm external mic port available in the camera which allows you to connect a study external microphone to the camera in order to capture HD audio and video at the same time.

The last thing to consider in Panasonic Lumix G85 best camera for YouTube is its availability to resist extreme weather condition. It indeed is resistant to splash and dust so that you may continue your videography without any fear.

If you are interested in Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen then must read,

Reasons For Liking It:

The reason why I adore this mirrorless camera is that it provides 4K video mode along with 5-axis stabilization in less than $800 bucks. Not only that, the best camera for YouTube also is resistant to weather and dust particles making it a topmost priority for travel video bloggers.

Some of the PROS and CONS are as follows:

  • Less bulky then DSLRs.
  • 4K videos at 30 fps rate.
  • Ideal for travel vlogging.
  • Comes with wireless connectivity.
  • 5-axis stabilization is available.
  • External Mic Jack is available.
  • A bit overpriced for beginners.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Panasonic Lumix G85 is without any argument the best camera for YouTube available in 2020. The mirrorless camera is perfect for shooting videos at steady fps and in full HD resolution. Better check it out if you are in need of a compact vlogging camera with flip screen.

Check Price of Panasonic Lumix G85:


4. Sony a7 III – Best Mirrorless Camera For YouTube




Well, the next addition to our list is a Sony camera. You should know that this camera is the best one from almost every perspective but it has got a very high range. So, until and unless you don’t have a budget of around 2000 bucks, you should refrain from keeping your hopes on this camera for YouTube.

Well, the camera is mirrorless and has got a 4K video capturing quality at a steady fps rate so that you can enjoy making brilliant videos for your vlogs without any worries. The camera with a durable and sturdy construction is really the deal for the long term. You won’t face any issues and the camera will work for you for a longer period of time easily.

Let’s talk about the features that you need to know about Sony A7 III:

Features That You Need to Know:

The best camera for vlogging comes with an advanced 24.2 MP BSI image sensor which is actually full-frame and helps to take images in ultra-high resolution at a very fast speed.

The high ISO range from 50 to 204,800 allows video capturing from bright to low light conditions easily. No matter in which conditions you do videography, this camera will never disappoint you in any way.

The feature that I liked about the Sony vlogging camera is its ability to capture photos and videos at a fast pace. The camera allows 10 fps continuous shooting with a mechanical shutter which is just ideal for a professional blogger.

Ultra HD videography is possible with the latest edition of Sony mirrorless camera as it has got 2160p UHD video capturing quality. Even with the 4K mode, the fps rate will never drop below 60 which is something very exceptional in a mirrorless camera.

The last thing that I would want to discuss the best camera for YouTube is its wireless connectivity options. You can share or transfer photos or control your camera wirelessly as it has got Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC at the same time.

Reasons For Liking It:

Sony a7 III is liked by professional vloggers as it gives ideal video capturing the experience. One can be able to video shot beautiful scenes in Ultra HD mode which is just perfect for any professional Youtuber.

Some of the PROS and CONS of Sony A7III are as follows:

  • 24.2 MP BSI image sensor.
  • 4K videos at 60 fps rate.
  • Compact size as compared to DSLRs.
  • Ideal for every kind of vlogging.
  • Come with 10 fps continuous shooting mode.
  • ISO range is from 50 to 204,800.
  • Highly priced.
  • Not for beginners.

Final Views:

Sony a7 III is another best camera for YouTube with features like 4K video mode, up to date BSI image sensor and continuous shooting speed. The camera is perfect for any professional vlogger as it has got a high price range and is not easy to be operated by beginners.

Check Price of SONY A7III:


5. PANASONIC LUMIX GH5 – Best Expensive Video Camera For Vlogging




Another mirrorless 4K video camera for YouTube on our list is Panasonic Lumix GH5 which is able to meet the needs of any professional Youtuber or vlogger easily. The best vlogging camera though comes with a high price range but it’s better to say that the camera is the jack of all trades.

That is, it comes with a better CMOS sensor, better video quality, better wireless connections, better image stabilization and with a fast speed as well.

Let’s talk about some of the features that you need to know  about the brand new Lumix GH5:

Features That You Need to Know:

The best camera for YouTube has got a 4K video capturing mode which allows you to capture beautiful sceneries at a steady fps rate of 60 so that you won’t face any glitches or pixel shattering issues in your video clips.

A 20.3 MP micro four-thirds image sensor is also available which allows you to capture high-resolution photos with ease. The best vlogging camera also works ideally in low-light conditions.

Another important feature that I should discuss is the camera’s variable frame rates. That is, if you want more fps from it, you can simply change the video resolution from 4K to 1080p mode so as to get solid 180 fps.

The thing which I adore the most in Panasonic mirrorless camera is their image stabilization technology. Lumix GH5 comes with 5-axis body stabilization which removes the blurriness and shakiness from the videos you make so that you can capture video shots with ease.

The last thing to talk about the best camera for YouTube is its premium construction. The camera has got a premium quality build which lets you use it for a long period of time without any worries.

Reasons For Liking It:

The reason I like this YouTube vlogging camera very much is its ability to provide 4K video mode at a solid 60 fps rate. On the other hand, the availability of 5-axis stabilization along with an up to date image sensor also plays its role in making high-quality images and videos.

Some of the PROS & CONS of Panasonic Lumix GH5 are as follows:

  • 4K video mode at 60 fps.
  • variable frame rates can be achieved easily.
  • Perfect for low-light conditions.
  • Compact size.
  • 5-axis body stabilization is available.
  • Unique shape.
  • Highly priced.
  • Not ideal for beginners.

Final Views:

Panasonic Lumi GH5 is an ideal video camera for YouTube vlogging which comes with many features that one can’t just ignore. Watch it out if you are looking for a long term investment.

Check price of Panasonice Lumix GH 5 :


6. Canon PowerShot SX620 – Best Camera for Newbie Vloggers




Canon PowerShot SX620 has been included in my list as a special treat for beginners. The best camera for YouTube comes with a very affordable price range and It was in fact, the first camera that I bought for making videos on YouTube.

The style of this camera is awesome. With the help of rugged and durable construction, you will be able to use this camera for a long period of time. In fact, this camera has got an easy UI so that a beginner won’t face any issues while operating it.

Let’s talk about the features that you need to know about Canon PowerShot SX620:

Features That You Need to Know:

The best cheap camera for YouTube comes with a high 25x optical zoom so as to focus better on distant objects. On the other hand, Intelligent image stabilization is also available to make sure that the video you make doesn’t contain any blurriness or shakiness.

All things aside, in only under 200 bucks budget, this camera is providing full HD 1080p video mode. You will be able to capture high-resolution videos at a steady 30 fps rate with the help of this camera.

A high resolution, 20.2 MP CMOS sensor being combined with DIGIC 4+ Image processor is what you will need to capture full HD photos and videos even in low-light conditions.

The next feature to consider in this vlogging camera is the availability of a wireless connection. The best camera for YouTube has got Wi-Fi and NFC so that you can easily transfer images and videos to other social media sites.

Last but not least, the Canon vlogging camera has got a large 3.0″ LCD with 922,000 dots so as to provide better viewing angles. You can also manage different options with the LCD.

Reasons For Liking It:

Canon PowerShot SX620 as per my user experience was the best investment that I made for starting my vlogging career. The camera never caused any issue and was perfect for me as it had got full HD video capturing mode along with optical image stabilization.

Some of the PROS & CONS of Canon PowerShot SX620 are as follows:

  • 25x optical zoom.
  • Full HD 1080p videos.
  • Ideal for travelogues.
  • Compact size and shape.
  • Large 3.0″ LCD screen.
  • Affordable price.
  • No 4K video mode.
  • Low battery issues.

Final Views:

Canon PowerShot SX620 indeed is the best camera for YouTube that you can get in a very affordable price range. I would recommend this camera to new Youtubers as its been used by me as well.

Check Price of Canon Powershot SX 620:


7. Nikon D3500 – Best Point to Shoot Camera For YouTube





Finally, the last best camera for YouTube on our list is Nikon D3500 which is basically a DSLR but has got a compact design as compared to the traditional ones. The best cheap vlogging camera under 400 has got brilliant technical features that let you capture the moment in full details without any issues.

Nikon vlogging camera is basically sturdy and a smooth one to use as well. It’s also another choice for beginners apart from the above-mentioned camera as the camera is available in only under $400.

Let’s talk about some of its features in details:

Features That You Need to Know:

Nikon D3500 is basically a DSLR but one can use it as a point and shoot camera. The best camera for YouTube helps in making beautiful photos and videos with the latest technologies.

Even with a DSLR body, Nikon camera is compact and has got a very comfortable plus ergonomic design. That is, you can carry it easily for traveling and for outdoor vlogging purposes.

The 15MP image sensor used in this vlogging camera is 15 times more powerful than the ones used in smartphones or other digital cameras. The up to date image sensor offers high-resolution photos and videos even in low-light conditions.

On the other hand, this model is also able to work with Nikon’s SnapBridge app so that you can share your photos and video footages to the smartphones or other portable devices.

Last but not least, this vlogging camera also offers full HD video shooting at a steady fps rate. You will be able to capture 1080p videos easily by using this camera.

Reasons For Liking It:

Nikon D3500 is an ideal deal for beginners and intermediate vloggers. In fact, it has got full HD 1080p video capturing mode which lets you make high-resolution footages for your vlogs.

Some of the PROS & CONS of Nikon D3500 are as follows:

  • Compact size and shape.
  • Ideal for travel vlogging.
  • Up to date image sensor.
  • Full HD 1080p videos at 30 fps.
  • Rugged and comfortable design.
  • Affordable price.
  • SnapBridge app doesn’t work sometimes.
  • No 4K video capturing mode.

Final Views:

Nikon D3500 is a best cheap vlogging camera suited for vloggers who are about to start their vlogging journey. It has got impressive specs which will allow a newbie vlogger to capture the life in full HD resolution. Better buy it before it runs out of hand.

Check Price for Nikon D3500:


How to Select The Best Camera For YouTube?

Let’s talk about some necessary things that you should not ignore while choosing a vlogging camera for YouTube:

Video Quality:

Of course, video quality or video resolution matters the most in selecting an ideal camera for YouTube. It allows you to capture beautiful video footages so that your audience won’t get bored of the vlogs OR other youtube videos you make for your youtube channel.

There would be three recommendations from me to select video quality as:

  1. Try 4K video cameras if you are a professional vlogger and want to make an instant impact on your audience.
  2. Try 1080p video cameras for YouTube as its basically a standard and these cameras won’t cost you more than $500.
  3. At last, go for HD 720p cameras if you are just about to start a vlogging camera. Here you can also check the top 5 best Vlogging Camera under 300 dollars.

So, select a vlogging camera according to these three recommendations

Your Needs:

I have seen many newbie vloggers rushing into buying a vlogging camera which is either faulty or has got features that are not ideal for the current scenario.

You must choose the best camera for YouTube according to your needs.

What does that mean? It actually means that you should ask yourself some questions before you buy a video camera.

The questions may include; Which Camera should suit you? What kind of vlogging channel you have got? What are your future plans regarding your vlogging channel? Your aim to present to your audience?

Ask all these questions and you will easily come to a conclusion of whether to buy a compact camera, a bulky DSLR, an action camera or an indoor vlogging camera.

So, sort out your needs and take a decision according to them.

External Mic Port:

The last thing you should consider before selecting the best camera for YouTube will be the availability of an external mic port.

Yeah, I am talking about external mic port. That’s necessary because audio counts as 50% of the whole video and if your audio is not good, I am sorry. No one will watch your videos no matter if they are in 4K resolution.

So, always make sure that you have got a video camera which comes with an external mic port as in this way you will be able to plug in an external microphone for YouTube to that camera.

Electronic Viewfinder:

While selecting the best camera for YouTube, make sure that it comes with a built-in viewfinder. In fact, the viewfinder works as making the video or photo rich in details as it tries to find simple and minor things in the video.

So, to select a camera, make sure that it has got a built-in viewfinder as well.

Optical Image Stabilization:

Well, that’s probably the last feature for selecting the best video camera. But it matters a lot. Optical image stabilization helps in keeping the image away from blurriness and or shaking issues.

In this way, you will experience a reduced shakiness while you move to make a video shot.

Many cameras are already equipped with optical image stabilization. So, this is the feature that you should not ignore no matter how tight your budget is.

Now, that I have mentioned some important features, let’s start reviewing the best cameras for YouTube one by one to see which camera is an ideal choice for you.


Concluding Thoughts

Making videos only for earning money is not enough. One must have a passion to present something new every day to his audience so that they can cheer him up. Same is the case with vlogging.

If you are persistent and you create attractive content for your users, there is nothing that will stop you from gaining popularity. As far as the video camera is concerned, don’t just rush into buying a camera which is overpriced and you are just starting your vlogging channel.

First, learn the basics of videography by spending your money on cheap budget vlogging cameras. That’s who you are going to progress in the vlogging field.

Well, my top three recommendations from the above list are:

  1. Canon EOS 80D if you have a budget around $1000.
  2. Sony a 7 III if you are a professional Youtuber.
  3. Canon SX620 if you are entirely new to the filed of YouTubing or Vlogging.



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