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Top 10 Best Inversion Table of 2020 – Buy After Reading the Reviews – Updated Jan 2020

Looking to buy for the Best Inversion Table of 2020? Or you want to get valuable information about the inversion table like inversion table exercises, inversion table FAQS or if you are looking for Buyer’s Guide regarding the best Inversion Table then you are at the right place. People have been suggesting different treatments and therapies for chronic back pain. One of the most famous therapies which you will hear about is inversion therapy. In this procedure, a person is asked to stand upside down to reverse the effect of gravity so that it may increase the blood circulation and take the pressure off your spine to provide relief from the pain.

For this, people have also been using inversion tables which provide an easier way of doing that and today’s article shall be covering the best inversion tables from the market. So in this article, we will be counting down our picks for Top 10 Best Inversion Tables 2020 alongside their reviews.

Innova ITX9600Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table

  • Adjustable headrest

  • Six (6) position Adjustable

  • True Balance system

  • Comfortable padded backrest

  • Accommodates users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in

  • 300 lbs. weight capacity

IRONMAN GravityIRONMAN Gravity 4000 inversion table

  • Sturdy Inversion Table

  • Removable Lumbar pillow

  • Tough Rubber non skid floor stablizer

  • 2.5 Inch Memory Foam vinyl

  • Superior Comfort

  • Ergonomically Molded Ankle Cushions

Teeter EP-560 Ltd.Cleared Inversion Table






Innova ITM4800Innova ITM4800 best inversion table

  • Isolated Heat

  • Vibration Therapeutic massage

  • adjustable lumbar pad

  • Six (6) position Adjustable pin system

  • Adjustable headrest pad

  • 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in

  • 300 lbs weight capacity

EXERPEUTIC InversionBest Inversion Table by EXERPEUTIC

  • 3 Angle position adjustable

  • Patent pending AIRSOFT ankle holder

  • Easy reach “Palm Activated

  • 1 inch soft foam backrest

  • Full loop foam

  • 165 degree inversion

Yoleo Gravity HeavyYoleo Gravity Inversion Table






Health Gear ITM5500Inversion Table by Health Gear Model No ITM5500

  • 4 inch memory-style foam

  • heat and vibrating massage pad

  • 4 adjustable oversized high density foam

  • Extra long locking arm

  • 4 position (20/40/60/90) side inversion pin system

  • Accommodates users 5’1” to 6’5”

  • 300 lb. weight capacity

Bigzzia Gravity HeavyBest Inversion Table by Bigzzia named Gravity






Invertio Inversion Table






Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion TableInversion table of Teeter Model EP-970 Ltd





  • 300 lb, 4ft 8in- 6ft 6in user capacity


In the reviews, we are going to discuss the main features and working of the best inversion table in order to educate you about the product. We will be talking about the performance, quality, and of course, about the best inversion tables for the price you can afford. While ranking these products, we use the best of our knowledge and research about the products. We break the features down into many factors on the basis of which we rank our products including the material used in the making, durability, portability, adjustability, support, and comfort level for the users.

The better a brand or product is fulfilling these requirements, the higher it ranks on our list. Since these products can get expensive, we have also left room for the best budget inversion tables from the market so that people with a low budget can afford these as well. Having said that we shall now move ahead towards best inversion tables buyer’s guide.

Table of Contents

Top 10 Best Inversion Tables 2020 Review

Being done with the buyer’s guide, it is time for you to hit the real jackpot and read our 10 best inversion table reviews in 2020.

  1. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table


Our first pick for the list is Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table. We happened to come across this product after going through the reviews of the customers who had been suffering from chronic neck or back pain and none of the medications would seem to help. It was a sign of relief that after doctors started their physical therapy with this product, they were actually able to get rid of the pain.

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table is a heavy-duty inversion table that is among the bestsellers in the market. When we did a detailed review of the product, it seemed to satisfy all the conditions which we had set in the buyer’s guide. For its 2-way adjustment and the advanced multi-mode heat massager, here is a product you would want right now.

  • It has an incredible balance system with some great base stability
  • This is so durable that any person up to 300 pounds can use it
  • The backrest and headrest are padded to deliver the comfort
  • The ideal balance system which you needed as a patient.

What Do People Like it?

Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table Review: Best Inversion Table for Back Pain:
Even though it is incredibly difficult when you make your first choice, you can finally rely on this Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table which is our top recommendation for this list. The experts on our site have loved the ergonomic design which has been padded for bringing full comfort to the back and head.

It has all the safety and comfort features that you forever required from your favorite inversion table. It is a combination of many features making it the best inversion table for big and tall people. Yes, it is true since people from 4 to 7 feet can easily use this product. Besides the height, it is amazingly durable since it can tolerate up to 300lbs which is some impressive weight tolerance. With a few days of inversion therapy on this and the users were already feeling very different from their previous selves.

We appreciated the lumbar support of this inversion table a lot because, without this feature, the whole point of having an inversion table seems useless. Never forget that it also some pretty impressive safety features including the 5-position pin safety and locks at the bottom where the base has to remain stable.The six angle pin system of this inversion table holds well for the best of experiences of the inversion therapy. It synchronizes perfectly with your back and the 2-way adjustment is definitely going to enhance that feature as well.

Pros and Cons

  • The handlebars are coated with foam
  • The headrest is adjustable and padded
  • The backrest is also padded and adjustable
  • Some high-quality foam is used for comfort
  • The great lumbar support
  • The maintenance is complex
  • The portability isn’t very high
  • No ankle relief straps are provided

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  1. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 inversion table


The next most sold and liked product which is also our 2nd pick for the list is IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table. This product is known for its sturdy construction and ergonomic design which works quite well to give you relief from the back pain. It works to get rid of the stress from your back and stimulates the blood circulation quite well. Though the price might seem expensive, it has said to be delivering the full worth for the price.

As reviewed by the experts, it is considered to be the best product which delivers the full value of your money with its waterproof design enhancing the durability of this inversion table. It is said to be the best inversion table for hip pain which works even better for pregnant women. With all of its padding level and support that you get, it is definitely a product you need to have.

  • This inversion table has a nice ankle locking system for support
  • It has an even better weight tolerance capacity up to 350lbs
  • The height can be adjusted up to 6 feet and 6 inches max
  • A durable product made of PVC with a waterproof design.

What Do People Like it?

IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table Review: Best Inversion Table for Neck Pain.
The essence of a true inversion table is that it can be reversed to a full 180 degrees while staying stable at the same time. Well, this is something we actually experienced with different users. The lumbar support of this inversion table is extensive and has some extra padding to provide support for the pregnant who would otherwise face problems with it. Never forget that it has an extended backrest for tall people with a better lumbar support program.

A lot of physicians and physiotherapists are going to recommend this inversion table, however, their choice might be different at times depending on what you require. It has proven to be really effective for hip and back pain while delivering some special benefits for hip pain. Also, as far as the portability and storage are concerned, it has a foldable designed which you can use at any time and stuck this in some corner around your home.

We asked of you to pay some special importance to the material and this IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table is made of the PVC material with a slip-resistant and waterproof design. The support and stability at the base are pretty great with a non-skid floor stabilizer which seems to work pretty well. You can hold your position safely with the padded handlebars while experiencing the never-slipping base at the same time.

Pros and Cons

  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • The amazing 180-degree inversion
  • It pays the full value of your money
  • The effective non-skid floor stabilizer
  • The handlebars are padded with foam
  • An ideal locking system
  • This is a heavy inversion table
  • It isn’t something you’ll always need

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  1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA – Cleared Inversion Table

Cleared Inversion Table


Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table is one of the highly-valued products in the USA. However, we have ranked this on the 3rd spot which is unlike other reviewers who mainly put this on the top of the list. It is mainly because of the design which is even though quite impressive but it lacks the padding which we usually prefer for our users and recommend them whenever they are about to get an inversion table.

Even though it lacks the padding which we prefer, it has been cleared as a high-quality and safe product by the FDA. Also, if it lacks one thing then it is better in others such as changing the postures you make during the training are pretty easy to change while using this Teeter EP-560 Inversion table. It has been called a very successful thing which it comes to treating back pain.

  • This inversion is ideal for healing back pain, muscle tension, and spasms
  • The movement of this product for changing positions is quite precise
  • It comes with many safety features including cam locks and auto-locking hinges
  • The weight tolerance capacity of this inversion table is up to 300lbs

What Do People Like it?

Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table Review: Best Inversion Table on the Market.
What we are saying in the title of the review isn’t quite wrong. Even though we think there are better products in the market than this, most users would come asking for this. A creation of Roger Teeter, this has been tested on millions of people and they have reported positive results related to declining in back pain, para-spinal muscles, and others. Also, it works quite well to heal the diseases which are being produced because of an unhealthy spine.

When the buyers received and opened it, they found it quite easy to assemble since it requires about only 5 easy steps. After they were done assembling and using it, they were easily able to fold it down for storage and as you would guess, it was occupying very small space. The problem of the lack of padding stays but when it comes to using it, this has really helped the users and they were happy about buying this inversion table.

So when you start exercising on this Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table, you feel more in control. Also, when you need to change the positions during the exercise, you do them with ease and safety. You can set the rotation settings according to your needs, however, the pre-set rotation is better to be used. Its hand grips are anti-slip and it wraps well around the ankles for maximum support while you are using the product.

Pros and Cons

  • The ease of assembling impressed us
  • The pre-set rotation is pretty amazing
  • A foldable inversion table which is easy to store
  • A pressure-reducing design for the users
  • Brings a smooth experience for more relief
  • The precision balancing is something you’ll love
  • Not padded enough as we wanted
  • Weight tolerance should’ve been better
  • The expensive price tag

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  1. Innova ITM4800 – Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

Innova ITM4800 best inversion table


By adding some more bucks to your previous Innova Inversion Table budget, you can get this Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table. Our 4th pick for the list is not only the best inversion table for lower back pain but it also has some advanced features using which you can get massage therapy for your back relief as well. Also, we like the padding which has been done on this table even though it is not as good as the previous Innova product on our list.

Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table have the same weight tolerance and height features. However, what’s better is the headrest which is padded and it can be adjusted according to different postures to achieve the right position for the therapy. It has got a protective cover with patent padding and you will enjoy the experience with its easy repositioning system.

  • The materials like vinyl and foam are used in the making of this inversion table
  • It has a six pin adjustable system which is an Innova specialty
  • With enough foam used in its making padding, the headrest is quite comfortable
  • It has advanced features for massaging the lumbar support can be adjusted

What Do People Like it?

Innova ITM4800 Inversion Table Review: Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain.
What sets this product apart from others is the advanced massage pad which adds to the therapeutic sessions you want to enjoy. While you are doing the inversion therapy, it produced some extra heat which keeps your muscles toned and going. Another mode which you can enable during the therapy is when you use the vibrations alongside the heat to increase the intensity of the message. With this feature, the results have been pretty overwhelming.

Let us discuss the measures taken for your comfort, shall we? Well, to provide users with enough comfort, this inversion table’s back and the headrest is padded properly with good quality foam. In fact, even the handlebars of this table are padded so that you can have a strong grip making you stable during the therapy. With this handlebar, repositioning yourself to other positions will be more like a piece of cake. Also, this table is padded at the bottom for adding stability.

When you are adjusting the height of the inversion table, it should never stutter or dislocate. To take care of this, some high-grade metal is used in the making which allows the smoother transition when you are changing the height level of the bar. To add to the comfort and support, it uses the ergonomic ankle support system which wraps perfectly around them and keeps them comfortable and stable during the complete therapy.

Pros and Cons

  • The heavy-duty steel frame for making it stable
  • The ankle support, backrest, and headrest are all padded
  • The handlebars are also padded for softness and grip
  • The best and easy inversion with a great balancing system
  • A durable, lightweight, and really supportive table
  • The price might bother the users
  • Again, the weight tolerance problem
  • A little heavy to be too portable

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  1. EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with Air Soft Holder

Best Inversion Table by EXERPEUTIC


Our 5th pick for the list is EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table which is another of the finest inversion tables you can get for the money you can afford. While some people might think that they are charging a pretty hefty price, the premium features of the product might definitely give them relief. So this EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table comes with its own safety features and lumbar support which is definitely going to change the way you think about these products.

Our pick in the middle comes with the latest ankle support system by Airsoft. This ankle support system has two ankle holders which keep your feet so tight that they don’t move at all and yet so comfortable that the tightness wouldn’t bother you. Also, the air keeps flowing properly through the legs and ankles keeping you cool at the same time.

  • The 3-angle adjustment system across the bar with easy angles
  • It comes with comfort mechanisms by Airsoft so you can trust that
  • You will love the lumbar support and unique safety features
  • The storage is easy due to how it folds and takes a smaller space

What Do People Like it?

EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table Review: Best Inversion Table for Sciatica.
What you are seeing about the Sciatica in the heading is quite true. Sciatica is the lower back pain when happens due to the respective nerve. While other inversion tables focus on the core and heal the back pain problems, this one has a special angle designed to heal sciatica since it allows you to tightly hold the nerve in one place which is its ultimate solution. The maximum inversion which it allows is up to 165 degrees which could be better though.

In the second part, we always discuss the padding so let us do that. Well, the padding of this EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table comes from Airsoft. Since this is the best padding we know of, we give it full ten marks for it. When you get this best inversion table for sit-ups or inversion therapy, you find yourself pretty comfortable due to the proper padding at the back, headrest, and even the ankles. This padding has been done even on the handlebars to make it better.

The next thing you should know about is the ankle support system which comes with two padded ankle holders keeping your feet in the center. Since your feet wouldn’t be moving and will be comfortable at the same time, you will easily take control of the rest of your body with ease. With its auto-locking palm activated security system, this product has been certified by the UL Safety so you can trust it with this as well.

Pros and Cons

  • It has the latest Airsoft technology
  • The lumbar support with a removable pillow
  • The soft and comfortable backrest and headrest
  • It even allows vertical inversion
  • You can fold for storage in a smaller space
  • A price you might not like
  • It does have some durability issues
  • The design is bulky though

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  1. Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Yoleo Gravity Inversion Table


No, we haven’t run out of options yet and for the 6th spot, we are bringing this Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table. It comes from one of the trusted best inversion table amazon sellers and thus getting this one should be quite easy for you. However, we will first make sure that you like it with the review coming ahead about this inversion table which has been a fine solution for back pain for years.

This inversion table does everything so that you can trust its safety and support features for easy inversion therapy. It has all the safety features you need such as palm-activated locking system and the adjustable protective belt which would fit most of the buyers with ease. Also, you can trust the durability of the product due to the heavy-duty steelmaking.

  • The adjustments are more than easy to do for exercise and safety
  • A very durable inversion table made of heavy-duty steel
  • This works fine for back pain relief and waist curve pressure relief
  • The enhanced safety with three unique features designed for it.

What Do People Like it?

Yoleo Inversion Table Review: Best Inversion Table for the Elderly.
In this product’s review, we shall start with the safety feature. The first of the three safety features is the ratchet ankle locking system which would keep your ankles in one place and you wouldn’t be withering away from the task at hand. The second is the safety pin lock system which keeps the steel bar at one place and holds it tight together so you can keep the posture. The third is the easy angle adjustment which makes the inversion safer and easier.

The material used in the making of this Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table is some heavy-grade steel. Now, this might be a good sign of durability but it also makes it heavy. So if you are keeping this at one place it would suffice but moving it could be a real challenge. However, the backrest and headrest are padded so you will be enjoying a convenient exercise time. For height, this can be adjusted up to 6 feet and has 300lbs is the weight tolerance of this one.

While this inversion table might be happy, it has a good folding system which works quite well and you can use some effort to keep it safe in smaller storage. Its design is already compact so even it remains unfolded, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. With its true balancing system, you can make it work for the back, neck, and lower back pain by using right adjustment angles.

Pros and Cons

  • A compact and heavy-duty durable design
  • The three unique safety features
  • The durability which is unmatched
  • The 3-angle position system for your back
  • The tubular steel frame is easy to adjust
  • It weighs too much
  • Assembling this is a complex task
  • Folding this is a difficult thing to do

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  1. Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table

Inversion Table by Health Gear Model No ITM5500


We love when an inversion table is well-padded because bringing comfortable and convenient products for our buyers is our topmost priority. To complete that errand, we came across this Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table which deserved every bit of this 7th spot with its ergonomic design and memory-style foam used in making it comfortable. This padding has been done as a specialty of the brand for some quality back pain relief.

The rest of the features, however, are quite similar to others you have been using for years. For instance, the weight tolerance capacity of this inversion table is only 300 pounds and for people different of heights, it can be exchanged between 5 to 6.5 feet. The safety features are pretty impressive where a locking arm is added for the safety of the users.

  • A highly padded ankle support system with the sur-lock system
  • The height adjuster is pretty easy to deal with while exercising
  • A foldable, lightweight, and convenient inversion table for storage
  • It has also got its advanced heat massage system which can be removed

What Do People Like it?

Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table Review:
The arm locking mechanism which is present in this Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table was always required to avoid the bending at the back. This could save you from many injuries which may happen to inexperienced people using these machines for the first time. The backrest and handlebars are padded but as far as padding is concerned, it has been extraordinary throughout its design, especially in the ankle support system. Here, it even has oversized leg rollers delivering more and more comfort.

The inversion pin of this table is pretty easy to remove from its position and set it according to any position that you want. Unlike other machines which ask of you to drag them with force, this one has roller wheels attached so moving this around wouldn’t be a problem at all. While you might be concerned about the durability, its frame is made of the heavy-duty stainless steel which is quite durable. Also, it is coated well so you will be able to save it from being rusted.

As you wanted, the padding by using the memory-style foam of high-quality in the areas where your body makes the contact. On the other hand, the ankle support system is using a sur-lock which can be opened and closed easily with a handle from a distance which is safe. This table offers you to hold all four positions which are required for the inversion therapy to earn relief from the back pain, lower back, and hip pain as well.

Pros and Cons

  • For massage settings, you get a hand controller
  • You will love its space saving design
  • The massage pad has both heat and vibrating systems
  • The sur-lock provides the support system you needed
  • The height adjuster works like a charm
  • Not for you if you are bulky
  • None others that we know of.

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  1. Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table by Bigzzia named Gravity


No matter how good the other choices get, you always to look for more before deciding the right product. To add to your list of options, we are bringing this Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table for the eighth pick. As claimed by the manufacturer in its title, this is another heavy-duty inversion table which comes with some additional features including the headrest which is extra-padded and has an adjustable protective belt which greatly increases the safety of the users.

We shall discuss other features in the review but let us first talk about the three safety features including the chuck buckle, safety lock pin, and the ankle locking system which have forever helped you in keeping the right posture for good. We like its adjustable headrest and backrest which are padded and we shall discuss them later in detail.

  • Another big inversion table with 3 safety features for the users
  • The headrest, backrest, and handlebars are all padded
  • Made of the high-quality materials used in the making
  • With the same weight tolerance, it is a highly adjustable product

What Do People Like it?

Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table Review
While this comes from perhaps a lesser known brand, you might be thinking whether to trust it or not. Well, after we were done testing, we realized that this inversion table provides a pretty impressive option for people for both tall and short people. Also, it owns a design which gives you instant relief from the back pain and also takes care of the blood pressure for good with the postures which are available and if you manage to hold them right. Doing inversion therapy on this table will enable you to work on your usual standing or sitting posture.

Some of the benefits of doing inversion therapy are to increase the energy levels and mental alertness if you manage to do it right. Your back pain problem will be taken care of and with this therapy, the flexibility of your body will definitely improve. The padding on the whole machine has been done so well, especially at the ankle support system which ensures that there will be minimum stress around those areas and your experience would be awesome.

This heavy-duty inversion table is made of the durable materials and at the same time, it is portable enough to be folded with ease and put away somewhere in a corner for easy storage. With the right exercises which you need to learn, your whole lymphatic system will be stimulated for good. However, you will only experience it if you decide to buy this one. Never forget that the material used in its making is polyurethane.

Pros and Cons

  • The adjustment of height is easier
  • Also, changing the position becomes convenient
  • A really good boost for your health
  • The ankle support wraps well and is comfortable
  • The price is quite amazing
  • The weight tolerance should be increased
  • You need some assistance in assembling it

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  1. Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine


You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well, when it comes to the inversion tables, the metaphor should be changed to not judging the product by its simpler design. For its introduction, our 9th pick for the list is Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine. This machine gets its amazing strength from the tubular steel structure which is designed so well for an overwhelming inversion therapy experience for the users.

Well, it definitely has its own limits in the areas of padding and support. However, if you require a cheaper and convenient option while running out of budget, this would suffice pretty well for you as a user. Well, still the backrest and ankle support of this inversion table is padded enough with the help of an experienced therapist, you will learn how to get yourself acquainted with it.

  • The premium-grade steel used in the making makes it durable
  • The inversion control from deep to shallow is pretty good
  • An inversion table allowing about 8 positions you can adjust to
  • For easy storage, this can be folded and held against the wall for good

What Do People Like it?

Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine Review:
We like this inversion table for being such an affordable thing. On the other hand, it does that while being very durable and stable at the base at the time. The stability and strength are quite exceptional which happen because of the high-grade tubular steel frame structure in a price you wouldn’t have thought about. The inversion angles you set for different benefits such as back and hip pain relief, flexibility of the body, and lymphatic system improvement work quite well. This table even has some preset programs you can use.

As far as the padding is concerned, most of it has been done pretty, especially the contoured foam padding of the backrest. There is no padding on the handlebars which we think as a con since you do need some good and comfortable grip when you are changing the positions on the table. However, some of this gets covered with the ankle support system which is quite tight and is also padded to bring you the maximum comfort it can in those areas.

On the other hand, the adjustments of this Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine are quite convenient. These are purely designed for ease of use which is proved when you see the clearly marked height adjustment levels. The height can be adjusted from 5.1 to 6.6 feet which is the maximum requirement most of the times. The table also has its own lumbar support feature which is optional though whether you want to use it or not.

Pros and Cons

  • The bolt design has been improved
  • The inversion controls are convenient
  • Changing height and angles are even easier
  • It even provides full 180o inversion as well
  • The rotation of the inversion is always safe
  • The lack of spare parts
  • No padding on the handles

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  1. Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table

Inversion table of Teeter Model EP-970 Ltd


Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table is our final pick for the list. It ranks this down the list mainly because of its expensive price which most of you people aren’t looking for. However, if the price is not an issue, this review might be worth reading to learn about this latest product of the Teeter inversion table series. A lot of features have been added to this latest product. Also, the manufacturers seemed to take care of the complaints by improving on their work in this inversion table.

Some of the main features we will be talking about in this detailed review would be its extended ankle lock handle, better padding than the previous teeter inversion table, improved true balancing system, and also the better controls during the inversion therapy. While we have to discuss them in detail, let us first layout the features:

  • The grip at the base with the plastic grippers has been improved
  • The inversion table shifts well according to your weight with precision controls
  • Its ankle lock handle has been extended and also the traction handles
  • The padding was improved and now you will feel more comfortable

What Do People Like it?

Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table Review: Best Inversion Table under 500
In this review, the first thing we want to talk about is the EZ-angle tether system which has many present angles at 20, 40, and 60 degrees. These angles will work quite fine if you only need to treat the back and hip pain. However, if you will need to use the custom angles if you aim to get the benefits for your lymphatic system. Though make sure that you use a proper guide from the internet or an expert’s opinion to make sure that you are doing it right.

In its making, the same heavy-grade steel is used in the making. However, a special design improvement was used to make it lighter while incorporated many security features at the same time to ensure the safety of the users. The second thing which we exclusively want to review are the new precision controls which have made things quite easier. So when you are changing the angles, the body adjusts itself automatically at different angles.

While moving towards the end, let us quickly discuss the comfort and support which have both been upgraded quite well in this inversion table. Whether it is the headrest, backrest, or the ankle support, all things are padded well keeping your comfort and provide the maximum support this system can. The weight tolerance again has been limited to 300 pounds but the height adjustment has been improved which now exists between 4.8 to 6.6 feet which is more than enough and better in fact.

Pros and Cons

  • Enjoy the 5-year full warranty
  • Very good for back and lower back pain
  • It improves the body’s flexibility and lymphatic system
  • An advanced model with extended locking arm
  • You can stretch even more with its better angles
  • This even helps with sciatica
  • The price tag is too heavy
  • Assembling this isn’t easier

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At the end of the reviews, we will definitely recommend you the first pick or the inversion teeter table as an alternative. However, depending on what your needs are, you can pick some other product and then click the link at each of its review for buying. Now, thoroughly read our 10 best inversion table reviews in 2020 and get the product for some instant back pain relief. Cheers!

Best Inversion Table FAQs

Yes, we are done with the reviews. However, before we go, there are some frequently asked questions on the internet which are asked about the inversion tables so let us move on to answering that:

  1. What is the history of inversion therapy?

The pieces of evidence of the inversion therapy have been found on the stone heals which have a history that dates back to about 3000 B.C. By the time the Greek Civilization was developing, they were using ropes and pulleys for similar practices. Some philosophers and medical experts like Hippocrates has invested Hippocrates Bench on which he would perform the traction methods.

  1. How to use an inversion table?

For this, you can see one of our detailed guides. However, you don’t have to worry for now because there are thousands of video tutorial on YouTube teaching you the right method of doing this. In fact, they even show you to assemble it properly. Also, when you buy an inversion table, each table has its detailed manual on how to assemble and use a particular table.

  1. What are the benefits of an inversion table?

Though we have discussed this before, let us repeat some of the concepts. So the inversion table is used for the inversion therapy which is a medical technique used to get rid of back, lower back, hip pain and even problems like sciatica. This therapy when done right could make your body really flexible and you can readily improve your lymphatic system.

  1. Who is at risk with inversion therapy?

Well, even though the inversion therapy is quite useful, it certainly isn’t for everyone. It isn’t safe for people who are pregnant, have a high blood pressure problem, had a recent stroke, have ear infections, obese, or have a spinal injury. If you have any of these conditions, you should avoid going for this therapy and doctors would tell you so.

  1. Are there any risks of doing inversion therapy?

Yes, there are many risks but only when you don’t do this right. For instance, if you have bought a cheaper inversion table which has poor stability and angles, you could end up hurting your back instead of healing it. If an inversion table’s padding is not done right, you could hurt your arms and legs as well.

  1. When you should use an inversion table?

Remember, never do the inversion therapy just because someone you know recommended. If you have some medical condition, go to your doctor for a checkup and if he recommends it, only then you should do it. The following are conditions for which this therapy is effective:

  • The curvature of the spine from chronically tight muscles
  • Muscle spasms
  • Muscle soreness and tension
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Herniated discs
  1. For how long should inversion therapy be done?

The time of the inversion therapy starts with a couple of minutes in the beginning. You should only do it for 1-2 minutes in the first few days. When you have learned it and getting used it, only then you can start increasing your time. However, most people never exceed above 4-5 minutes and their problems do get solved within a month.

  1. For how many times should this therapy be done?

If you want your problems to disappear for good, you should do this therapy for a month at least and several times a day. Your body will get used to it sooner than you will know it and the more pressure will be released, the better will be the results. However, you can keep this minimum as well if you are vulnerable to the side effect.

  1. Is inversion therapy dangerous?

Inversion therapy could be dangerous only if you aren’t doing it right. That is why we recommended you to learn it properly before you start doing it. It is better that you seek the help of a professional who would guide to the right track and you will definitely have a safe experience.

  1. What are the common exercises on an inversion table?

You must remember from the review that we talked about four main angles. Well, on these four different angles, there are 4 different exercises you can do on an inversion table. The following are their names, uses, and benefits:

Inversion Table Exercises

Back Extensions

When you are in the inverted position on an inversion table, you can extend yourself with the help of the frame. For that, you will need to reach your arms while taking care of the posture because otherwise, it could be really dangerous. In this way, you will be doing back extensions on the table.

Full Inversion

In this exercise, you invert yourself completely up to the point as high as the maximum angle of the table takes you. This should be quite self-explanatory for anyone, however, make sure that you do it smooth and slow. Never rush it because then you might face the risky consequences.

Partial Inversion

As it is quite clear from its title, you don’t completely inverse yourself in this exercise. Instead, you would go halfway through and reach the opposite side of the table. In order to stretch and extend the arm, you will need to rotate it a bit and this posture would be done. However, these do take some time before you will get used to them.

Full Sit-up Inversion

This is a little bit tricky but you can do it. In this inversion, you will need to get your spine in the line of the gravity and then do the sit-ups. Keep your hands on the chest or behind the head to add to the support.

So this our complete guide about the best inversion tables alongside their buyer’s guide, reviews, and frequently asked questions. If there were any queries left, do let us know in the comments section below. Keep visiting our website for more reviews of the products you want and buy them here.

Best Inversion Tables: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best inversion table? This is a question which bothers most of the buyers when they are looking forward to getting one. However, after you are done reading this buyer’s guide, we assure you that you will no longer be asking this question since will shall be bringing everything about this product in detail.

Most people want to buy this product to get rid of the severe back pain they are facing. Some might even be looking for the best inversion table for the neck pain or even the best inversion table for ankles. These are different medical conditions and our top choice would be the one satisfying all of these conditions.

The following are the top factors which you must consider before buying your best inversion table for the back pain:

The Material:

The life of any product depends mainly on the material it is made of. So if you want to get the full value of your money and make sure that your inversion table lasts for longer, you have got to pay some special importance to this factor.

Some of the top materials which are known for their ultimate strength and stability are stainless steel and aluminum. While choosing an inversion table for you, you can mostly rely on any product which is made of either of these materials.

The Durability:

It certainly isn’t easy to gather budget for these products every month or so. So make sure that the product you are buying is tested for durability. Well, we shall be bringing that information, however, you should also research in the community and look for user reviews as well and see what other people think about a certain inversion table.

The Popularity Level:

There are always products which are famous for their performance in relieving people from the back pain. When you ask people and have a look at their reviews, you will certainly find a product with a high popularity level since it has been working well for people. It is a good way of finding a product which is actually working these days.

Quality and Safety:

Since this is medical therapy, it has its own world of risks. However, a lot of those risks can easily be reduced when you buy an inversion table of high-quality making with maximum safety features for your back and neck. A poor inversion table would risk these when it is not designed properly and you can already avoid that by investing your money in a quality product.

The Weight and Portability:

The sellers might try to trick you by selling a heavier inversion table by mentioning that as a sign of durability. To be honest, you would make a fool of yourself by believing that since the most durable and products made of stainless steel or aluminum are actually said to be quite lightweight and easy to carry around. Just make sure that they aren’t selling an inversion table made of poor quality material by calling it heavier.

The Construction, Design, and Stability:

When an inversion is well-built, it is going to be very stable at the base. This will allow you to free yourself and hold the right posture to get rid of all the back and neck pain you have been suffering. This is something only a well-built inversion table with sturdy construction would allow so make sure that you check for both of these features regardless of what your weight is.

Also, make sure that the design of the inversion table you are buying is right because sometimes even the better of materials fail to withhold when the design is not right. So always look for the design which has been trusted by the users who have bought these products previously.

The Padding and Comfort:

The better is the padding of a certain product, the more comfortable it is. Make sure that you keep this universal law in your mind while buying your best inversion table pick. You will need to be sure of the right padding at the back, around the arms, and even for your head. When all of these quality features are found, you should be good to go.

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