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Buy the Best Under Desk Treadmill of 2020 – FAQs+Reviews+Buyer’s Guide

Health is life and while all of us want to stay fit and healthy, not everyone has the time to get in a routine of exercises and a good diet for achieving it. However, we can make things easier for ourselves by buying machines like an under desk treadmill. The under desk treadmill comes with a work table at the top and the treadmill platform for running and walking beneath it. In this way, you can do your exercises and take care of fitness while working.

So in this article, we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Best under Desk Treadmills 2020 alongside their reviews. The reviews of the products help us to rank these products from top to bottom and find the best under-desk treadmill for the top spot as well. As usual, we judge the products based on their performance, quality, brand value, price, and various features which they possess.

Lifespan TR1200under desk treadmill

  • Non-Slippery

  • Speed 0.4-4 MPH

  • 63″ x 28.5″ x 7.25″ (L x W x H)

  • 2.25 HP electric motor

  • Life Time Warrenty

iMovR ThermoTreadbest under desk treadmill by iMovR

  • Tracks Walk, Stand & Sitting

  • Quite + Small Footprint

  • Future Proof

  • 3 Horsepower 4000 RPM DC motor

  • Record Multiple User Data

Lifespan TR800lifespan TR800 under desk treadmill

  • Reduce Stress

  • Overcome Backpain

  • Reduced Footprint

  • Record Steps

  • Speed, Time, Distance

Rebel Treadmill 1000

  • Great Value

  • Simple Setup

  • Worry Free Warrenty

  • Quite Easy Walking

  • Money Back Guarentee

Lifespan Fitness TR5000LifeSpan Fitness TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

  • Flat Motorized

  • Small & Compact

  • 63″ x 28.5″ x 7.25″ (L x W x H)

  • 3.0 HP heavy duty motor

  • 0.4 to 4 MPH

Fit Bill SmartFitbill f.walk Smart under desk treadmill

  • Min Footprint

  • 47″ x 18″ (L x W) tread belt

  • Speed: 0.5 – 3.7 MPH

  • Fully Assembled

  • Treadmill: 64 lbs; User Capacity: 220 lbs

  • 10 Years Warrenty

NB PowerBest Under desk treadmill by NB Power

  • Max Body Weight 198 lbs

  • Speed: 6Km/H

  • Power Efficient

  • 8 Force Points

  • 60 days free run

Titan FitnessTitan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill

  • Speed: 4 MPH

  • Great for Standing desk

  • Convenient Console

  • Saftety Features

  • Weight Capacity 250 lbs

JEMPET TreadmillJEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill



  • Speed range of 0.5 to 3.7mph


Serene Life TreadmillSereneLife Claims to bring the best under desk treadmill of 2019

  • Belt size 14. 3 Inches




Some of the top features which we consider for ranking these products are noise, weight capacity, console’s design, interface’s ease of use, space, and safety. The better a product is full of these features, the better we think it is and thus it gets ranked as our best under-desk treadmill in 2020.

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Buyer’s Guide About the Best Underdesk Treadmill

Why and how should these products be chosen? Well, we are going to discuss those factors now in detail.


None of us want to get hurt while exercising and working at the same time. Thus, while buying an under desk treadmill, just make sure that it has enough safety features to help you exercise with ease while maintaining your work at the same time.

Noise Level

Staying calm while doing exercises is the first thing you want. However, if the under desk treadmill is making a lot of noise, you should replace it at that very moment. So before buying one, just make sure the machine you are buying doesn’t make those messy noises you don’t while working and exercising.


When it comes to the treadmills, the quality of the console and its ease of use matters a lot. Whether you want to customize the settings or track your exercise routine, you need a console with the required settings. Your under desk treadmill’s console must feature sensors that should measure your heart rate and calories you have burnt during exercise.

The console’s LCD must be big and bright enough so that you can track down all of those readings with ease. Besides the settings and functions, the console must be durable according to the life of the under desk treadmill itself.

Weight Capacity

There is no point in buying an under desk treadmill which wouldn’t support your weight. Most of the under desk treadmills do have the weight tolerance as high as 300 to 400lbs which is usually more than enough. Just check your weight before buying one and buy an under desk treadmill accordingly.


The best under-desk treadmill you are buying must have enough space to accommodate you on its platform with ease. Well, this is a pretty easy thing to do since most people will definitely check the size of the platform.

Being done with the best under-desk treadmill buyer’s guide, let us start our reviews.

Best under Desk Treadmill Reviews

  1. Lifespan TR1200 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

under desk treadmill



When it comes to buying treadmills, it is so easy to trust a brand like Lifespan. So for the first pick, we have chosen this Lifespan TR1200 under desk treadmill which comes with many premium features including the quality console with measurement options for calories, heart rate, and distance. We also like the weight capacity of this treadmill which is up to 350 pounds.

The best thing about this Lifespan TR1200 under desk treadmill is that it is very portable. Since it is a lightweight machine, it can be moved from place to place in your home and office and you can work anywhere it suits you the best.

  • You will love this best under desk treadmill for its compact size
  • The lightweight design of Lifespan TR1200 makes it portable
  • The console does the distance, heart rate, and calorie measurement
  • The speed of the belt ranges from 0.4 to 4 miles per hour

Lifespan TR1200 Under Desk treadmill Review: Best Cheap Under Desk Treadmill

This Lifespan TR1200 treadmill is designed in a way that you can put it under any desk you have at home for work. Its compact and lightweight design is easy to move around making it one of the most portable under desk treadmills out there. This under desk treadmill saves you the trouble of buying a special desk while being very cheap itself. So the combination of good quality and price gives you plenty of reasons to buy this one to take care of your fitness.

Not just the treadmill but the console of this machine is also small and portable. It has got a nice LED on which you can track all readings including your heart rate, calories burnt, distance traveled, and belt speed. There is a special safety key provided which can be pushed at any time when you are done exercising to disconnect the console at that moment. Also, there are controls given on the console using which you can control the speed between 0.2 to 0.4 MPH.

There are many sensors which are installed in this Lifespan TR1200 under desk treadmill. One of the sensors detects your footsteps on the platform and when you start walking, it automatically turns on the machine. Also, the step counter starts automatically when the machine starts saving you all the trouble of manually doing these things. If there is more than one user using this under desk treadmill, everyone can personalize their own settings.

Pros and Cons

  • The nice 0.4 to 4 MPH speed range
  • The running time of up to 6 hours
  • The stop key for emergency
  • A powerful 2.25 HP under desk treadmill
  • The weight tolerance is great i.e. 350 pounds
  • A lot of buttons to get this started
  • The annoying beeping sound when the console is not connected
  • The warranty could be longer

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  1. iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill

best under desk treadmill by iMovR



Our 2nd pick for the list is this iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill. Well, this might be from one of the lesser-known brands, however, we have tested its performance and features which seem quite nice, especially for the cheaper price range. In fact, there are new sensors added which could actually benefit the users since they measure all movements including standing, walking, and running. Plus, when it comes to power, this one has its unique standard.

The console of this under desk treadmill doesn’t need to be connected by a cable. In fact, you can charge this wireless console and then control everything from your work desk while making things easier for yourself. We talked about lesser noise levels and this best under-desk treadmill is the epitome of low noise levels.

  • This under desk treadmill has its own unique future-proof design
  • When you are working hard, it has shock absorbers to cover that
  • The warranty is longer which is about 3 years only for the motor
  • A powerful motor of 3 HP provided to keep things going.

iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill Review: Under Desk Treadmill with Incline.

Most of these machines do enough to accommodate the needs of a single user. However, when it comes to accommodating multiple users, most of the programmed systems fall apart.

On the other hand, this under desk treadmill allows you to create various profiles for different users using its smart console interface and thus these users can use a single machine while keeping a separate record of their fitness activity. The console allows complete program activity management. We also love the motor delivering 4000 RPM with 3 HP power.

As far as the console is concerned, its features aren’t quite different except that there are some changes made to its theme. When it comes to calculations, it measures distance, calories, speed, steps, and the time you have spent while resting which is a welcoming feature.

The theme of the interface is attractive and if you don’t like it, you can change it from the settings given in the software. For its motor, you get a 3-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on other parts of the treadmill.

The top speed which its 3.0 horsepower motor can deliver is up to 2.5 MPH. Though we definitely have our concerns about this since the previous under desk treadmill was able to offer much better speed range with a low-powered motor. The efficiency of the motor installed inside this one is definitely higher and that is why you are provided a longer warranty for this one.

Pros & Cons

  • The console is very user-friendly
  • The touchscreen LCD is pretty impressive
  • It accurately measures distance and calories
  • The amazing weight tolerance of 400 pounds
  • The silent cooling fan to keep temps down
  • The software updates aren’t out for a long time
  • This machine is quite heavy for being portable

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  1. Lifespan TR800 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill


lifespan TR800 under desk treadmill



If Lifespan is the only brand you can trust, the third pick should be coming from them. Yes, it is named Lifespan TR800 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill which is an older model to TR1200, however, the quality and performance of this one can never be denied. This features a motor of 2.0 HP which delivers the same speed range as the previous Lifespan product, however, it is quite obvious that there will be a difference of torque already present.

Using the latest technology, the manufacturers were able to introduce the shock absorbing system which will make sure that your joints face lesser stress while you are working out. Also, if you want to keep proper track of your progress, connect this to your tab or computer using the Bluetooth and transfer all the data there for future correspondence.

  • The weight tolerance capacity of only 300 pounds which is still ideal
  • While working out, you can also charge your devices using the USB port
  • The speed range with 2.0 HP motor varies from 0.4 to 4 MPH
  • The classic feature of safety emergency button is still present

Lifespan TR800 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill Review: Best Under Desk Treadmill under 1000.

This Lifespan TR800 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill could be one of the best fitness solutions for you at your home or office. If you have been under a lot of stress or suffering from back pain then it is time to get up and start working out using the best and classic under desk treadmills ever. This one features a 2.0 HP motor which might have a lesser torque but it still delivers a great speed range from 0.4 to 4 MPH providing a good chance for burning calories.

Using the same classic LCD interface, you can track your workout progress and learn how many calories you are burning, the distance you walk or run every day on the treadmill, and even the resting time can be tracked. To copy all of your progress over to your tablet or computer, you can connect this treadmill to them using the Bluetooth connection or the USB transfer option. Using the USB port, you can also charge your devices while working out at the same time.

We are already quite impressed by the accurate working of the console. The calories, distance, steps, and heart rate it measures have been tested for accuracy and it passed all of those tests. In case of an emergency, the safety emergency key for stopping this under desk treadmill is present. Never forget the weight tolerance capacity of 300 pounds which will still be suitable for more than 80% of people.

Pros & Cons

  • The Bluetooth sync is an amazing feature
  • The USB port for data transfer and charging devices
  • The shock absorbing compression system is nice
  • This system reduces the stress on joints
  • The warranty for the motor is much better
  • The small walking track for some users
  • The maximum running time of 3 hours
  • Doesn’t sync with Apple products anymore

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  1. Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill




If you keep searching in the market, you will stumble upon some really impressive but ignored brands which you must try. One of those which we have chosen for our 4th pick is Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill which could serve as an impressive alternative to both of the Lifespan products. We loved the eye-catching design which was attractive and reliable at the same time giving us enough reason to rank it here.

One of the best things about this under desk treadmill is that it has no usage limit which is quite unlike the previous machines. Thus, if you want to do exercises all day long you can definitely count on this one. Plus, when you buy this treadmill, you will see how simple and easy it is to set this up at your home.

  • The speed range from 0.5 to 2.0 miles per hour is still ideal
  • You will love the quiet operation of this under desk treadmill
  • Just set this up with ease and press the start button to get going
  • A complete hassle-free machine which is good for burning calories

Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill Review:

The under desk treadmills with low-speed ranges could, in fact, be pretty great for you. Since you want to buy them so you could work and exercise at the same time, you don’t the speed range to be too high because the higher speed range makes it difficult for you to focus on the work. The science behind this Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill is to increase the productivity in your work and lose weight at the same time.

The price range of this under desk treadmill doesn’t differ a lot from the previous products. So you will need to choose your pick depending on the features. There are different programmed exercises which can help you in getting rid of the back pain and lose weight at the same time. When you will walk and run on this treadmill, this will tone your muscles and boost energy levels. Now, these are the goals which we are always looking forward to achieving.

What we don’t like about this Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill is the lower weight tolerance which is only up to 250 pounds. Even the substandard machines from lesser known brands mostly have weight tolerance up to 300 pounds and this is definitely a low point for this under desk treadmill. However, since the machine is pretty easy to set up at your home or workplace which are features that might be able to convince you.

Pros & Cons

  • Work and lose weight together
  • Activity monitoring is made possible without any distractions
  • You can put this under any work desk and start using
  • You can count on the durability of this machine
  • The speed range is low
  • The warranty is very short
  • The side rails aren’t strong either

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  1. Lifespan Fitness TR5000 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill


LifeSpan Fitness TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill



Not a lot of brands focus on manufacturing these under desk treadmills. However, we have got Lifespan producing these products which are more than enough because of the quality and features the brand brings. So for the 5th pick, we have brought forward another product from this brand and it is this Lifespan Fitness TR5000 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill. For this one, you would be asked to increase your budget since it features a 3.0 HP motor.

The console of this under desk treadmill by Lifespan isn’t quite different from the top pick. They have got a similar design and settings. Also, the measurement of parameters such as distance, speed, calories, and steps are the same. The main difference arrives between the motor of these two machines where this one comes with 3.0 HP and the former had 2.5 HP motor.

  • The compact and attractive under desk treadmill design
  • It is time to increase your productivity during days and nights
  • The operation is fast and quiet at the same time for working smartly
  • This one also has 6-impact shock absorbing system

Lifespan Fitness TR5000 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill Review:

As far as the construction of this machine is concerned, the Lifespan Fitness TR5000 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill is made of the robust, sturdy, and high-quality steel frame. This would ensure a lifetime experience which you always needed. Being a newer model of the same TR under desk treadmill series by Lifespan, it has a high-powered motor installed whose horsepower is 3.0 which is going to ensure a higher RPM while you are doing the exercise.

We really believe that the console of this under desk treadmill should have gotten its new upgrades. Anyway, we are still getting the software updates so that gets covered as well. Also, the transport system of this Lifespan Fitness TR5000 – DT3 Under Desk Treadmill was enhanced by installing two wheels on the front. Thus, moving the machine has now become easier which definitely makes it more portable than its predecessor.

We are also quite impressed by the 6-impact compression shocks using which you can greatly reduce the impact of stress on your knees and joints. The walking belt of the treadmill has been designed smartly and now it will no longer require maintenance which is definitely a hectic thing when you actually get to do it.

Just like other Lifespan treadmills, the dimensions of this under desk treadmill aren’t quite different and thus you can use it under almost any desk which you have got for your working needs. In the end, we should mention the durable and high-quality side rails which are made of anodized-aluminum providing the quality you always needed.

Pros & Cons

  • It is compact and portable
  • The same smart console design
  • The consoles do get new updates
  • The settings are easier to do
  • 6-impact compression has been upgraded
  • It is still a heavy machine
  • The price was meant to be higher

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  1. Fit Bill Smart Under Desk Treadmill

Fitbill f.walk Smart under desk treadmill



When it comes to producing some smart products, this brand called Fit Bill is the Picasso of it. The proof of their excellence is this Fit Bill Smart Under Desk Treadmill which is our 6th pick for the list comes with a remote controller and workout app making your exercise life easier. Now you can program and follow everything using the smart app which even reminds you when you have to work out and when to stop.

The speed and other settings can either be controlled from the console or the app because both of them are convenient. Everything related to its structure such as the lightweight design, portability, and compactness has us impressed after we were done reviewing. Though the motor this one has is not highly powered as we expect i.e. 1.0 HP that is, in fact, good for quiet office operations.

  • The console interface is smart and convenient to be used
  • You get the chance of using remote control and smart app
  • The quiet and efficient operation using its 1.0 HP motor
  • The design is lightweight, portable, and compact as we ask for

Fit Bill Smart Under Desk Treadmill Review

When you compare this smart under desk treadmill with others on this list, the irony becomes quite visible. For instance, the 1.0 HP motor installed this is able to deliver a max speed of 3.7 miles per hour which a couple of former machines can’t deliver with a motor 3 times powerful. Yes, it is true that using its motor of 1.0 horsepower, the machine is able to deliver about 3.7 miles per hour. Also, the speed range can be set between 0.5 to 3.7 MPH which is impressive.

Again, something which disappointed us was the weight tolerance capacity of this Fit Bill Smart Under Desk Treadmill which is only 220 pounds. The least we ask for is 300lbs and when a brand like this is unable to deliver, this does earn them some negative points. The reasons behind the 1.0 HP motor is to reduce the noise level since this machine is designed to be used at homes or offices and in a working environment, you can’t afford a loud treadmill at all.

On the other hand, we were quite impressed by the portability and how easy was this machine to set up. Also, the frame of this under desk treadmill is so durable that you are given a 10-year warranty for it. For other parts, however, you only get a warranty of 2 years which still isn’t bad at all. As for the console, it does have all sensors for displaying important readings such as calories burnt, distance, speed, and steps which you have covered.

Pros & Cons

  • Get maximum output with minimum effort
  • A compact, lightweight, and portable treadmill
  • The speed range between 0.5 to 3.7 MPH
  • The machine comes fully assembled
  • This isn’t quite suitable for running
  • The price might bother you a little
  • The side rails could be more durable

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  1. NB Power Under Desk Treadmill


Best Under desk treadmill by NB Power



We aren’t running out of options soon enough because there still are underrated brands like NB Power in the market. So for the 7th pick on this list, we brought forward this NB Power Under Desk Treadmill which is a beast when it comes to high speeds, force points, and power of the motor. Yes, this latest under desk treadmill delivers a speed of up to 6 kilometers per hour which makes it a very suitable option for those who like to run hard for their cardio exercises.

We aren’t going to recommend you this under desk treadmill if you are already too bulky. This is due to the weight tolerance capacity of 198 pounds which is definitely something we don’t appreciate. The pros of this machine include the lower power consumption and brushless motor which is definitely going to last very long.

  • You get a 2-year long warranty for its brushless motor
  • Now enjoy the speeds as high as 6 KM per hour for runners
  • The shock absorption system protects your knees quite well
  • Due to the lightweight design, this treadmill is easy to move

NB Power Under Desk Treadmill Review

If you always had space issues at your home or office then this NB Power Under Desk Treadmill is probably the best option for you. It is due to the compact and smart design which takes very short space and work under any work desk you have bought for yourself. Also, when you are done working and need to follow some hardcore cardio routine, you can run fast on this one using its maximum speed limit of up to 6 kilometers per hour.

You don’t like to be disturbed when you are working so doing some walking during the work time will definitely be convenient since this under desk treadmill produces a very low noise which is even lesser than 40 decibels. For people working in offices, this could be a really suitable option. Also, due to the lightweight and compact design, it doesn’t take a lot of space and thus you can put this machine around any corner of your office or room.

What’s new in this machine is the 8 force points which are an alternative to 6-impact shock absorbing system of the previous machines. Since there are 8 force points, your knees and joints will be able to avoid more stress which could otherwise be really harmful to your body parts. In this way, you can have a comfortable under desk treadmill experience which requires you to work less and get more health benefits for your body.

Pros & Cons

  • Good for homes, offices, and even gyms
  • Its console is actually a smart panel
  • A compact and lightweight under desk treadmill
  • The shock absorption is pretty impressive
  • The power consumption is very low
  • The weight tolerance capacity is poor
  • Doesn’t measure all parameters
  • Not for bulky people

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  1. Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill


Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill



Working all week and making a career out of it is something everyone’s running behind. However, you should realize that all the money you earn will be of no use if you aren’t healthy. To take proper care of your health, another under desk treadmill which we recommend for the 8th pick is Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill which might not be very portable but it certainly gets the job done when you set it at your office or home.

This under desk treadmill for sale has got a design which is pretty great to be used alongside any standing desk you have got for yourself. The console it has might not be too fancy, however, it has enough measurement features which are then display quite convenient on the durable and crystal-clear display. It measures the overall time spend on exercise, steps, calories burnt, and a few others.

  • One of the best under-desk treadmill solutions we have got
  • Make your body better on this instead of harming with like on other machines
  • The design is compact and thus it can be used at your home or office
  • The weight tolerance capacity of this under desk treadmill is 250 pounds

Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill Review:

Some of the things which are common in every treadmill product are the digital console, standing space for walking and running, sensors for measuring the distance, calories, and steps, and the safety features which protect you from any incident which could occur. Thus, we mostly get to differentiate and choose products based on the difference in price, brand value, portability, and weight. The reasons why this Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill ranks down here is because it is too heavy for being portable.

Now, this makes things complex since you will be setting this up at a single place and then use it. We don’t have any problem with the rest of the features since it is durable under desk treadmill which has its own digital console which displays the time and speeds you have set for your exercise. There are necessary controls provided so you can set your exercises goals. Even though the treadmill is heavy, it is also compact so it wouldn’t take a lot of space in your room.

To care of the safety of the users, the safety is also incorporated in this under desk treadmill by Titan. So when the clip falls off, the machine turns itself off and thus there are no chances of you getting any injury because of this. The console has its measurement limitations so when the count reaches about 99.9 miles and 9999 calories make sure that you clear the counter.

Pros & Cons

  • A durable and compact treadmill
  • Good for your home and office
  • A mini treadmill for achieving fitness goals
  • The motor is quite powerful
  • The torque is good and the console is convenient
  • A heavy under desk treadmill
  • Pause function missing

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  1. JEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill Best Under Desk Treadmill under 500

JEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill



If you aren’t doing so well with your budget, our 9th pick for this list is JEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill which could prove to be a really good option. When this machine first arrives at your front door, you will be quite happy to have it since it is very easy to assemble and start using unlike many others on the list. Plus, the base of the machine has been designed for being durable and reliable so you will have a good start with it.

As compared to other machines, this one is a bit noisy but if you are using it in a separate room where your colleagues aren’t present then it would be good. Even though it has a nice and sturdy base, the weight tolerance is not as great as per our expectation i.e. 220 pounds. We like its portable due to the lightweight frame and overall design.

  • The speed range is impressive which is between 0.5 to 3.7 MPH
  • A very reliable and durable machine despite the low weight tolerance
  • You can set the speed between 0.5 to 3.7 MPH for walking and running
  • Assembling this under desk treadmill is easier than ever

JEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill Review:

There are many features for which you would want to choose this JEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill and then there are others which would make you chose otherwise. For instance, the reliability of the base, durability of the frame, speed range from 0.5 to 3.7 MPH, and easy assembly are features which make this product great. Also, it is one of the most affordable under desk treadmills on this list and you would go for it, especially when you have a smaller budget.

On the other hand, the weight tolerance capacity of this machine is only 220 pounds. If you are a heavy person who is looking forward to doing some strict exercise on this one, it might not be able to bear your weight at all. If you are trying to do so, this would compromise the durability of the machine which is something not a single user wants. Also, the sound it produces is quite loud and this could disturb other people if they are around and possibly your work as well.

Unlike the previous product, this under desk treadmill is very portable due to the lightweight and compact design. The frame of the machine is even lighter and even has front wheels which makes it possible for a single person to move it around with ease. However, the lighter design still doesn’t compromise the durable and integrity of the design and we love this JEMPET under desk treadmill due to this particular reason.

Pros & Cons

  • The front wheels make it easier to move
  • The frame is lighter but durable
  • The lightweight design enhances its portability
  • This machine is easy to assemble and use
  • The weight tolerance capacity is poor
  • Not a good machine for heavy people
  • An unimpressive interface

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  1. Serene Life Folding Digital Display – Electric Treadmill


SereneLife Claims to bring the best under desk treadmill of 2019



Our final pick for the list is this Serene Life Folding Digital Display Electric Treadmill which is a low-profile and smart electric treadmill. It is another of the best under-desk treadmills under 500 dollars which can get even cheaper if you buy the used machine. The application of this new treadmill is quite broad which starts from walking and goes on to running and jogging alongside various cardio exercises which are already programmed for this treadmill.

However, due to its minimal and compact design, the manufacturers have recommended this to be used only in homes. Just like the previous treadmill, its weight tolerance is also around 220 pounds but due to the quality frame, people up to 250 pounds can still use it for walking. This is a smart treadmill with the latest interface which can be controlled with a remote control device.

  • The console measures distance, speed, steps, and calories burned
  • The speed for walking, jogging, and running can be adjusted
  • People above its weight tolerance can still use it for walking
  • The machine can be hand folded for storing it in a compact storage

Serene Life Folding Digital Display Electric Treadmill Review

When you have a look at the features of this digital treadmill, it has everything which a modern under desk treadmill must have. These features range from a console which 5 measurement parameters to a smart system where the accuracy of these reading is a foremost priority. We agree that this machine is not for everyone due to the lesser weight tolerance but if you like to walk and work, it would still remain a smart and suitable option for you.

Also, we don’t think that its weight which is only 78 pounds is too heavy and it can be easily moved around when you need to change places. Being a lightweight and compact treadmill with good folding features, it is easy to be taken to the workplace for use. Since it can be folded by using your hands, it would take lesser space for storage in your room and car. Plus, its features can be enjoyed regardless of your gender which is a pretty smart feature.

It has a nice 5 feet cord which transfers power to the machine and its console on which readings like calories, distance, steps, speed, and heart rate are being measured. Also, this can be connected to your desktop if you need to transfer your data for future correspondence related to your health. All of these features come merged inside an under desk treadmill which most people can afford. Also, if the price still seems heavy, you can order it used from Amazon.

Pros and Cons

  • The design is attractive and compact
  • The machine is also quite lightweight
  • The console’s interface is smart
  • The safety features are present
  • The belt size is quite wide
  • Again, not enough weight tolerance
  • The heart rate accurate cannot be trusted

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We are all trying very hard in our work life to make the best career out of it. However, when we are too much into work, this could compromise our health. If you don’t get enough time for working out, you can choose from these 10 best under-desk treadmills which are given alongside their reviews.

Since we put a lot of research behind these products and rank those top products, the treadmill on the top will always be our first recommendation. However, depending on your budget and the features you require, you can choose our products as well to stay healthy and happy. Cheers!

Under desk Treadmill FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It doesn’t matter how good those reviews are, a writer could miss out on some important questions of yours. We are covering those questions now in this section:

  1. Do under desk treadmills actually work?

Yes, under desk treadmills definitely work and that is why these products are very successful. However, to lose weight properly, make sure that you give your exercise routine enough time and also take care of your diet for proper results.

  1. What is the best treadmill brand?

As far as the under desk treadmill is concerned, Lifespan is by far the best product we have known. However, if you are looking for other treadmills then Nordic and Sunny Health are other premium ones.

  1. Can you run on under desk treadmill every day?

Yes, you can. The time you are going to assign to your treadmill exercise routine depends on your level of commitment. If you wouldn’t be willing to try then nobody can make you do so and your body will end up unhealthy and obese.

  1. Are under desk treadmills expensive?

There are both expensive and cheap under desk treadmills available in the market. It all depends on the budget you have got. However, the better treadmills from better brands definitely have better features and quality.

  1. Is treadmill good for losing belly fat?

Exercising daily on both under the desk and electrical treadmills is going to reduce your belly fat since it would burn a lot of calories. However, in order to get more effective results, make sure that you cut out on unnecessary fats that you gain from eating and sitting.

  1. What is the best under-desk treadmill for running at home?

As it is quite clear from our reviews, we definitely recommend getting Lifespan TR1200i which is the best under desk treadmill in our opinion. It has all the premium features which are required for losing weight without wasting any of your time.

  1. Are under desk treadmills bad?

No, they are not bad. However, the research has proved that since there is no wind resistance when you are running inside on a treadmill, the benefits of working on this machine are definitely fewer than running outside.

  1. Do treadmills help you lose weight?

Yes, if you are following a proper exercise and diet plan then you are definitely going to lose a lot of weight. Just make sure that you are sincerely making good efforts and are honest towards your weight loss goals.

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