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One of the most amazing products that have revolutionized the world is the Camera. The small piece of art in combination with technology has changed the face of the world.

How many of you have heard about Selfie? When was the 1st selfie taken? But if you look today, most of the people wish to take a selfie of each and every spot they visit. All this made possible only due to this amazing device named Camera.

Let me tell you something that would enhance your knowledge. Do you know about the 1st cell phone with camera?

The 1st cell phone with built-in camera was launched in 2002. The Manufacture was Nokia. Nokia 7650 is the 1st cell phone with Camera. The 2nd company that has the credit of making the cell phone with build in camera was Sanyo SPC-5300.

Nobody at that time knew that this combination of Camera and Cellphone would be changing the face of the world soon. But this has to happen one day. The thing that confuses the mind is that either it was planned or things started taking the shape like this.

Isn’t it wonderful that I would tell you the name of the 1st commercial camera in the world? How about that?

The 1st commercial camera was Eastman’s Kodak’s Camera. Available in the market in the year 1888.

As the world has become the global village and the social media platforms have connected the people all across the globe. More and more people feel the need of the cell phone equipped cameras.

The Introduction of Youtube and Adsense brought new trends of using Camera and internet. Also the trending Vlogging forced users to search more and more different types of Camera and start using it for smart income.

We are going to discuss with you different types of camera. Apart from sharing useful information related to the camera and photography, we are also going to share with you about the best camera for you. Which camera you should need to choose.

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