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Interested in Vlogging and youtube videos? You have decided to make youtube videos and now you are looking to buy the Vlogging Camera. Am I right? Or you might be looking for detailed information for the Vlogging Camera. You will definitely have multiple questions in mind related to Vlogging Camera.

If you are not new to Vlogging and you know all about the Vlogging Camera and just searching for the Best Vlogging Camera of 2019 to buy for yourself then you can skip this portion. I have also provided you the link where you will find the useful and detailed guide that will guide you to buy the best Vlogging Camera in 2019.

I have planned to answer the question that are in your mind if you are new to the field of making a youtube video and want to know more and more about the best youtube camera.

How to Select the Best Vlogging Camera – An Ultimate Guide

Vlogging has been gaining popularity for many years now. People now tend to do Vlogging not only for passion but also to earn a handsome amount of money, In contrast, the thing that you will need the most to start Vlogging will be a Vlogging camera.

The people who are unaware of this term should know that a vlogging camera is a device used for capturing HD videos and photos in order to make vivid vlogs for their YouTube channel.

A video camera plays a very important role in vlogging and indeed you will need it the most for making different videos. But do you know that what makes the best vlogging camera? What are the factors that one must consider to buy a vlogging camera?

If not, we are here to assist you. In this guide, we will be providing you with sufficient knowledge about a vlogging camera. Make sure that you read it thoroughly in order to select the best camera according to your needs.

So, let’s jump into the main topic without any time wastage;

How to Select a Best Vlogging Camera?

  1. Your Purpose:

Your purpose is going to define a lot about what kind of camera you will need for vlogging purposes.  The thing here is, you need to make sure first that which kind of videos you want to make.

In fact, having a purpose in mind will allow you to select a vlogging camera easily. For instance, if you want to make indoor vlogs, you can go for bulky digital cameras but if you want to make outdoor videos or travelogues, you will probably need a camera with a compact size.

So, it is better to make a mind about the type of vlogs you are going to make and then taking decision according to your priority.

  1. Video Quality:

Now, that you have decided about your purpose, the next most important factor indeed will be video quality of your camera.

Most commonly, you will see different vlog cameras offering three types of video qualities i.e;

  • Ultra High Definition i.e. 4K.
  • Full High Definition i.e. 1080p.
  • High Definition i.e. 720p.

The three common video qualities are offered by most of the vlogging cameras with flip screen. Now, that depends upon your budget that how much you are going to invest in a vlogging camera.

The ideal video quality for making a high-quality vlog is 4K UHD. However, these cameras will cost you a high price and you should invest in them only if you know about the basics of vlogging.

Full HD 1080p video cameras are mostly used by intermediate vloggers and Youtubers. They will cost you no more than 500 or 600 bucks and will provide you with full HD resolution at a steady fps rate as well.

High Definition or 720p video cameras are cheap. These cheap vlogging cameras will cost you no more than 100 bucks. They are also able to shoot high-quality videos but you will see a bit distortion in some of your video footages.

To be more precise, you should choose 1080p video camera as this resolution is standard for most of the professional vloggers. Going above or below than this standard will be because of the budget issues.

  1. Compact Size

The next factor which matters the most according to many professional Youtubers in selecting a cheap vlogging camera is its size.

A camera is ideal for vlogging when it has got a compact size.

What are the benefits of this compact size? Well, you will be able to use it anywhere you want. You may carry it anywhere you want and you will also be able to make high-quality videos without getting your hands tired.

The so many benefits of having a compact size will make your vlogging life pretty much easier as compared to bulky cameras.

That’s why; you must always look out for a vlogging camera with a compact size to make sure that you enjoy vlogging without hurting your hands when you are shooting a video for your vlog.

  1. Optical Image Stabilization:

Optical Image Stabilization is a feature in vlogging camera which helps it to stabilize the image in order to reduce the issues like blurriness and shakiness in the videos.

A vlogging camera with optical image stabilization will automatically stabilize your video footage so that you might be able to capture the shots you want with ease and without any worries at the same time.

So, in choosing the best camera for vlogging, you should try to look out for those cameras only that come with optical image stabilization feature or else you will suffer blurring and shaking issues in your videos.

  1. Budget:

Last but not least, a budget is going to make an impact on the type of camera you want for video blogging.

Like we said before, the more you invest, the better features will be accessible to you.

That is, you might be able to get an ideal video blogging camera by just spending almost $500. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry if you are short on budget.

Indeed, many vlogging cameras cost less than 100 bucks and are able to capture vivid footages with ease.

So, the thing which matters is how much extensive your research and knowledge is in selecting an ideal camera for vlogging.

What Makes a Best Vlogging Camera?

In short, these are the features which will make the best vlogging camera:

  • Video Quality (Full HD 1080p)
  • Size (Compact)
  • Budget (Almost %500 Bucks)
  • Updated Image Sensor (Yes)
  • Optical Image Stabilization (Yes)
  • Flip Screen (Yes)
  • Wireless Connectivity (Yes and compulsory)
  • Design (Slim and sleek)
  • Optical Zoom (Not necessary i.e. 5x to 10x)
  • Use (Multipurpose)

Concluding Thoughts

Keep these factors in your mind and you will end up getting an ideal camera for vlogging purposes for sure. That would be all from us. You should try to memorize the key points so that you will find it easy to remember them while selecting a video camera for your vlogs.

Good Luck!!

Question and Answers about Vlogging Camera

In this section, we have put in our entire effort to provide you as much information as we can relate to the Vlogging Camera. After extensive research work we have brought some question related to the Vlogging Camera.

What we have found after discussing with different vloggers is that they prefer vlogging camera with flip screen, if you want to buy or know about the best camera with flip screen that youtubers use

Here are a few Question that you must be thinking to get the answers

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What is Vlogging Camera?

Well, 1st of all I will give my definition of the Vlogging Camera that will easily help you to understand the concept. I’ll 1st bring from the google’s perspective of Vlogging. The common term is Video Blogging, derived from Blogging. Blogging is basically maintaining a daily dairy of the life or keep on updating about a specific topic.

Since people are not as much interested in reading long blogs and learning through reading, therefore, a new term and advance form of blogging named Vlogging have been introduced. New to vlogging and searching for a start? You should check the cheap camera with flip screen.

Video blogging basically demands the medium which is basically filled by the extremely large following of Youtube. Youtubers around the world are making youtube more powerful day by day by updating quality content on daily basis. Quality content is the one which users around the world are searching on daily basis.


The most pivotal component of such process is the Vlogging Camera. Youtube highly appreciate quality content. Not just avg or good Vlogging Camera can’t serve the purpose in the days of such immense competition.

The Survival of the Fittest!

You can never violate this rule.

To be the fittest you need to have the best Vlogging Camera.


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